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K-5 Build up (Blaze)
Shop rearranged, Blaze moved around with the aid of a Forklift.

Then in a sudden twist of fate a front axle was removed!

The front is on jackstands.

I will prep the engine/trans/t-case to be pulled either tonight or tomorrow evening. With the forklift I hope to pull these and have them out and ready to depart my garage soon. Trans/T-case goes back to Max and the engine goes to CA.

Trying to clear the area as much as possible, if possible.
I've been doing some research. I should have 52" springs in the rear of the K-5. The Suburban had 56" springs. Well, I'm flipping the rear shackle of the rear axle to lift the rear of this pig anyway, so since I'm going to have to cut the stock hangar off and put another on, I'm just going to run the 56" Suburban springs with the flip for a little bit better flexibility. At least the buildups I've found on CK5 and Pirate seem to confirm that these are better to use in the long run.

Anyway, should be interesting. The Burb's rear springs weren't that bad to begin with and the one time I put her on the ramp when the front was actually engaged and it wasn't on ice, it went quite a ways up. To bad the brakes wouldn't hold it there, at the time Sad
Well, got the old motor/trans/t-case removed. It looked ugly, involved a few unnatural methods, but it's out. Since the new trans is still at the shop (should be ready for pickup on Tuesday) thought I would get the new front springs mounted and maybe put in the front axle and steering. Well, it was a nice thought, but let's just say it didn't go well.

Found I need some different bushings for my springs. The ones I had purchased for it, won't work.
Well, tonight brought for a few interesting tidbits.

I started putting the bellhousing on the transmission and found the adapter spacer I had purchased to mount a SM420 to a SM465 bellhousing didn't fit.

Then I looked a little closer and realized, I have a SM465, not a SM420. Slightly bummed, (wanted the 7.0 first instead of the 6.55) however the SM465 is a better transmission. It was only hooked to a Rockwell T221 for two years, and I got one of the first ones. On another positive note, swapping to a NP205 is easy if the Rockwell ever dies.

I also found my transmission builder lied to me about what transmission it was and it's application. Go figure. I can tell it's a SM465 because it has two PTO covers, the 420 only had one. I had not looked at it that closely before dropping it off, so I had not noticed it.

Anyway, the trans/t-case and bellhousing are all painted and ready to go. I have the bellhousing and trans connected, will connect the T-case in the morning.

I'm going to pull the interior apart so that I can make a hole for the shifter. I'm also thinking of designing a twin stick for the T221 (yes it can be done) before she goes in.

I need a shifter lock cone, a shifter boot, and a pilot bearing. Then I should have most of the parts necessary to finish this, besides the driveshafts.

I have the correct spring bushings, and have one spring installed, will install the other and the front axle tomorrow. Need to pull the stock exhaust out and drop the diesel duals in.

After I get the front axle in, I will use the forklift to spin it around and lift it up from the back to drop and swap the rear one.

So anybody who wants to lend a hand, we'll swap in the 1 tons, and get the interior cleaned out and prepped. Hang the new pedals and heater box, maybe a few other things as well, but it depends on how far we get.

I may try to run to town and grab the last of the small parts in the afternoon.
Got the 2wd steering box on, need to pull the pitman arm to install the drop one for the crossover.

Got the steering arm installed on the D60, have a stud on the driver's side that is currently stuck, once it's out and the kingpin cover is installed, the axle will be ready to install. I love how easy it is to play with the kingpins. I checked on my kingpin bushings, and they are in perfect shape, no signs of any wear.

Got the springs in, however one of my front spring bolts was obviously knicked when removed and the threads are screwed up. Otherwise the springs are in.

Started to pull the interior apart. Have a bunch yet to do, that's for sure.

Family time was great, but it did not allow for much time this weekend.
If a few folks could lend a hand in the next day or two or this weekend, I'd appreciate it.

I need to put the front clip back on so it can be transported, and still swap out my rear axle.

I have yet to find a good crossmember, and need to pull my PTO and make a cover for it since the PTO has a bad seal. I'm not using it anyway.

I'm also going to put my interior together, (shift boots, seats, doors, and replace the tailgate) before moving so I can throw the excess away.

I'll be in the shop this afternoon from about 3pm on, tomorrow from 3 on, and Saturday up until the meeting. Gonna be packing the trailer up with whatever boxes are packed as well.

I don't keep alcohol at the house, but will pick up a few 12 packs of pop and whoever lends a hand is welcome to it or the water in there. Also on Saturday, I'll plan on grilling burgers and brats for anyone who helps out.

978-9011 if you need directions or want to know if it's worth your time to come out.
Big thanks to Brandon for stopping by and helping get a few things on the Blaze worked on. Still need to finish the rear axle install, but the old is out, and we're getting there.

Tonight got shot down due to unforseen circumstances, but will resume on Saturday before the meeting.
I'm sick of not wheeling.

Starting next week, I'm going to spend a bunch of quality time on this old girl and get her ready for Jake's Run. Got lots to do, but it's very possible.
Well, spent some time today on her, not as much as I wanted, but got some stuff done that needed to be done.

1. Crossmember is in

2. Front shocks mounted

3. PTO cover created and installed

4. Bad shock removed

5. clutch Z-bar installed

I need to take about 1.5 inches off of the front driveshaft I have sitting in the shop.

Need to find a link for the hydrobooster, it has disappeared.

Need a rear driveshaft

Actions needed
1. Mount fuel filter
2. Mount heater box
3. Cut hole in floor for T-case shifter
4. Mount clutch/brake pedal assembly
5. Replace LR shock mount bolt, mount rear shocks
6. Install front brakes lines, install hydrobooster
7. Install driveshafts
8. Mount fuel lines
9. Install glow plug relay harness
10. Install front clip
11. Reinstall dash
12. Mount seats/belts
13. Install different tailgate and wire window
14. Misc things I have forgotten

I'm am definitely on the way to being ready for Jake's run
Hoping to spend some time tomorrow afternoon and pretty much every evening this upcoming week on the K-5 in preparation for Jake's run.

If anyone has a set of hands they can spare between now and then, I'll take any help I can get.
On a good note, thanks to the Snow/Ice day, I now have a majority of the day to work on my rig.
Mark after I get done in town I'm going to try to head over. Heard there was a bad wreck in the S curve on hurst.
it as after our turn off.
Heading out to the shop around 9:30 or so to try to get it ready for a front clip.

If anybody is bored, stop on by. Gonna call it a night round midnight or so.

1. Transmission shifter installed
2. Heater box sealed
3. Fuel filter hung
4. Chatted with a buddy (non-offroader, to this point)

Thanks to someone who is still utilizing part of my shop, the front clip cannot go on until Friday night.

Anybody who is free that evening, I'd love a hand installing the front clip, hood, batteries, radiator and seeing what happens.

Hoping to finish off all other under the hood stuff tomorrow evening, as well as get the front seats all the way in.

At this point, I'm afraid she's not gonna be ready on Saturday. Still waiting on a few pieces and haven't heard if they will be ready or not.

Lots of little stuff at this point to knock out, but making progress.
Forgot to mention that the steering column and related steering/brake/clutch pieces are fully installed.

Headed back out later tonight after kiddos go to bed. I guess I started too early yesterday as the kiddos got back up and made the wife upset.
Kevin stopped by after ten and we got a lot accomplished.

1. Clutch link with adjuster fabbed!
2. New speedo cable installed
3. Rear brake line T-fitting installed
4. Brakes bled
5. Got a few ideas for what to do with the passenger seat mounts
6. Cut hole for T-case shifter and after a few issues with the way the shifters sit, decided on how to set it up for Twin Sticks. (One does 2wd-4wd, other Hi-N-Lo)
7. Installed Oil Pressure sending unit

I somehow lost my heater core hose, so if anybody has extra they'd be willing to donate, I'd appreciate it, otherwise I will go and pick some up.

I think it will be ready for the front clip on Saturday.

Haven't gotten the driveshafts back from being cut down and balanced yet.

I won't be running this weekend, but will be before Christmas!
Still waiting on driveshafts, and now waiting for the conversion rear u-joints. I had gotten the wrong ones, so I called around today, and no one has the ones I need in stock. Go figure.....

Hope to pick up a front clip today!
interested in my driveshafts? i got them ready to go, and I am going to convert to the flange style anyway. Also, I am going to have to have mine lengthened.
baseline: I am not going to be able to really use mine, I just realized this.
both front and rear have fairly new U joints on them. (less than 1000 miles and no play in them)
willing to take payments.
My front is super short. Doubt yours will fit. The Rockwell's front output is a little longer than a NP205 thus pushing it closer to the D60.

The rear is a little strange as well. How long is your rear shaft? I need 1350 joints at the ends, and the driveshaft that is being cut down for use had 1330s, so I had ordered conversion joints to make it work.
Napa and Young's both stock those.
I'll go look. I may have a new pair of them on the shelf myself.
I use them on BIGBOY.[COLOR="Silver"]

---------- Post added at 09:29 pm ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 pm ----------

[/COLOR]I just looked. I have one new in the box. I may have a good used one but I'll have to wait until light to look.
I called Napa, and that's who ordered them. Youngs had one when I called, and I need two.

Still waiting on Josh to get my driveshafts back. He hasn't returned my calls for a few days.
ill give you a call when I get some exact measurements.
Mark your calenders, pushing to finish this thing Tuesday night.

Starting around 8pm, going till it's done!

Here's the list.

1. Top off Trans/T-case fluid levels
2. Install new u-joints in the drivelines, install drivelines
3. Weld linkage for 4wd actuation of the T-case, cut part of linkage so HI-N-LO shifter will work independently of the other.
4. Install heater core hoses
5. Figure out which wire goes to the oil pressure sender and connect it.
6. Tighten engine mounts
7. Install exhaust
8. Install Starter
9. Swap core supports on my front clips, then install the good one.
10. Shim doors so they work better
11. Install radiator
12. Install batteries
13. Cut metal plate and install seats on it, then cut and install the brackets to install seats in the interior.
14. Install shifter boots
15. Swap tailgates, and run wiring to new one.
16. Put 5 gallons of fuel in it, prime fuel system.
17. Top off oil
18. Fire it up
19. Re-check all fluids and top off as required.
20. Take it for a spin!
Driveshafts are not yet ready, so a few items on here will not be done tonight.
still a go? I might drop on by later.

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