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Blue Ribbon Coalition
Arctic Offfroad is proud to announce we are now officially a member of Blue Ribbon Coalition. They are a top notch organization and avid fighter for the offroad community.
Good Job, That was a quick turn around.
Good job

Only one listed for fairbanks. Although there is a snowmobile club that is int he news letter that supported them and an individual in Fairbanks that supported them with donations last month.
How do we get the email link to work like some other clubs. Is that a extra fee?
I'm actually waiting on an e-mail response from them. I noticed that too. not sure if they are a bigger supporter or what.
So our website will be linked on their site as soon as I send this form back. They will also be sending us a 2'X4' banner as well. they also will send us some brochures with I will request, need a number though. How many do you all think?
are we looking for members, or future members/ car show/ canned food drive? Is there a limit to what the will send us for free, and can we always order more if we need to? if its free then 50-100 would be a start for all members and prospective members.
I have to look into that a little more. I go a form to fill out for becoming a new member. One of the options is to have them send brochures by certain date to hand out at an event or to have then hand out. I was thinking around 50 myself.
Another thing is I have forms fr club members to fill out to get an associate membership. What that entails is you get your own copy of the newsletter and get voting rights. It is an introductory thing and it will cost you $15 and is good for a year then you have to get a regular membership at $29/yr. I will have plenty of copies at the March meeting for folks if they want to do this. You need the clubs member number and I'll give you that info.

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