Poll: Would you install a tube style bumper or a covered?
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Tube bumper w/exposed winch
1 14.29%
Tube bumper w/hidden winch
0 0%
Covered bumper w/exposed winch
5 71.43%
Covered bumper w/hidden winch
1 14.29%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Front bumper
Believe me, I've seen over twenty different ZJ bumpers, but the ones I like want to much to ship and I'm not going to spend $1K on one bumper with shipping. I want a rear one with a tire carrier as well, and that's another $1K with the companies that will make them, (there's only a few that will anymore).

I like the one that Mousee made, (even though the personal bashing from him is getting old) but he is too busy to make another one and he's going to be leaving prior to my arrival up there.

Holeski and I have chatted and he doesn't mind building one, as he wants to create one for XJ's as well, (I supposed because it would fit on his MJ too). We'll see, I guess I have to make sure I don't hit a moose on the way up there first.
Shouldn't see too many moose by the time you come up here.
Here is what I think. I’m not a big fan of complete tube bumpers on XJ, ZJ, or WJ. Just leaves the front to "open" looking. Also like AJ stated. Hiding your winch will be more trouble then it’s worth. You can’t see the rope, can’t re-spool it right and it’s harder to use need to get on your back or dig though the mud to find the lock/free spool lever. Michele almost un-spooled his on a recovery we where on and didn’t know it. Yeah it’s ubber safe and would be grate IMO if it was only used once a year or so. Not knocking the Monty front bumper at all because it looks like it grew there. Just master work.
Now I really like the Trail Ready bumpers and I am surprised that one got bent. I used to know a few people there when I we in Seattle and they got a few jobs that we didn’t take a Jantz 4x4 that we should have. To build a bumper that will not take damage you need to use beefy steel. Beefy steel is really heavy and really strong. This prepossesses to problems. First again like AJ said it would damage the Jeep and unibody instead of the bumper and two load the front end down way to much. You need to make a compromise between the two. The ARB bumpers are DOT approved and crash tested. Would you rather by a new bumper for your Jeep or a new Jeep for your bumper? Now this all said I will work with any one to build a bumper that is appealing to then, It may not be soon but I will work you guys.
ARB is nice, but I found the article about overheating on 99 and 00 models. I really like the one in post #33. I think it would prevent the overheating, but I cant find anyone who makes it.
That’s the trail Ready/ Road Armor bumper or at least it used to be the same company. There Where in Washington State last time I lived there. Some times you just have to call and ask them what they have.
[Image: title_bumpers_jeep.gif]
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Grand Cherokee
93-98 Models are shipping now. 99 to 06 are currently in product developement.
I voted tube with exposed winch. It'll be easier in the end. I liked the one on the front of the GC that was posted in this tread. I think it looked really good. :allrighty: This will let air flow better, and give you access to your winch. My winch is semi exposed. I unspooled it because it was only the second time I had used it and wasn't paying attention.
[Image: 10006471qo.jpg]
well I voted covered with exposed winch. I don't know why, but personally I don't like tube bumpers on the GC. Those TR bumpers look pretty nice... didn't notice a price but if they're jeep affiliated I'm sure it's not cheap.
Wonder if I use the tube design I drew, except use steel plate in place of the 2 main tubes that go around the front. Thoughts?
sevenslats Wrote:Seems to me, that instead of 4 tubes, 1 piece of flat stock could encompass the main structure of that.
But, if you have your heart set on tube, don't let me talk you out of it. Perhaps a side view would allow me to see exactly what you have inmind.

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