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M&G 2010
Meet and greet is going on june 19th to the 21st. Remember that the week before is wheel to you drop.
Not the best weekend for me - but not the worst.

New target date for Blazer being rebuilt will be June 1st so I can wheel the 4th and 5th to work out any bugs before M&G
(June 11-13 is VBS for us - so I need it done the weekend before! So those with kiddos who want to attend VBS...)
We'll see, I only get five days of vacation time a year. But, if all goes well, I may try to go down and wheel the last part of the week before.
Baby due the 25th and Kasi still wants to go, but we are out for this year, 2011 is for sure though
I already have the vacation time put in at work for the week prior and monday after. Haven't missed one since 2006.
Lets have a good showing this year. Remember we are in charge of running the RTI ramp. And maybe we can do some other things as well.
Anyone going to update on this?
Not much to update. I haven't heard anything as of late.
Some updates not posted in this thread.

Same dates but will be held at the Museum of transportation and industry in wasilla.

T-shirt design voting thread here

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