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Fix it or Brute it??
Just got to thinking about the 05 that I picked up last month. Going to get started on it when i get back from Missouri. I was just going to swap the rear axle out and replace the quarter but got to thinking that with a little more work I could turn it into a brute like conversion or I could simply just push the quarter out, cut the fenders all the way around throw some 35's on it and call it a day. What do you guys think?

[Image: 19523599_2X.jpg]

[Image: 19523599_4X.jpg]
i think cut the fenders and thow tires on it. i was wondering if u wanna get rid of the toper off it???
Its missing some large pieces and all the glass. If I Brute it I may keep in and cut and fiberglass it if not I have no reason to keep it.
Those brutes look cool; I think you got to stretch the frame. You could always do a flat bed version until you came up with a suitable tub to make the bed, or just keep it a flat bed altogether.
its ok if its missing pieces i just need the part over the top of me anyways so ill probly cut it right behind the front seats. just let me know if u wana get rid of it.
yeah I would need to stretch the frame in the middle and at the rear. I could make a bed pretty easily.
Pricing out the body armor for it to cover the body issues, thinking I'll just put the money towards a bender and make my own.

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