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Grey 4-door JK at the PX
Looked really good, on a set of BFG M/T's. Dropped a card.
I need more cards.
I'm down to 1.
I think there are some in the binder, ask me tonight
I have quite a bit of the plain ones I think. I'll check and bring them with me tonight.
This guy is a Captain I now see a couple of times a week.

He went out wheeling near Ester and Standard Creek (he lives near there) and got stuck on Sunday, managed to winch himself out, but wants to find more places to go and folks to do it with.

He has gotten cards from us and the Lions, but ignored them both initially. He didn't want to be part of something that had weekly meetings (monthly is okay) and wasn't sure what the clubs up here entailed. I have since convinced him we are worth looking into.
Might mention that only 2 meetings a year are required
I told him, and it did seem to put him more at ease. He's big into outdoors stuffs, hunting etc. So he doesn't have lots of time to wheel, but likes to wheel.

He used to have a CJ-7 but got sick of having no room left over after putting his hunting gear in it.

He has no family, but has a built 4-door JK. I think he's just planning ahead.

He would like to regear it, and get new rear springs. When he loads his gear, it sags in the rear. He has a 2.5" Teraflex lift on it.
I stalked a green 2 dr JK at work...don't know for sure who it belongs to. Pretty much stock, but in need of a few scratches to break it in.
Stalked lifted grey CJ7 on post. MPs eyeball long haired hippie type guys when they stop and place stalker cards.

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