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the blazer finally has motor issues
yeah so after dumping about 1200 into my suspension, (leafsprings, balljoints, shocks, tierod ends) the truck finally decides to get motor issues. i now have cylinder number 4 missfiring cause the plug is coated in oil, and number 3 is missfiring for who knows what reason. both cylniders cheacked out with 125pds of compression, and it has new plugs, wires, and cap and rotor. anyone who can help would be apprecited cell is 907 750 7323
sounds like a PCV valve issue to me. Are the rest of your plugs clean?
yeah they are good except number 4 which is oil coated, whats a pvc valve
"99ford ranger explorer leaf spring swap 31's blown motor"

I have a ton of these motors if you need one I'll make you a good deal
turboL Wrote:yeah they are good except number 4 which is oil coated, whats a pvc valve

Postive crankcase ventilation system...pretty much the tube from your engine/valvetrain back to your intake that relieves the pressure from the small amount of piston ring blowby that every engine get some oil coming through there and any excess oil can foul the plugs. But if it's just one...unless the pcv vents right into that cylinder rather than higher up in the's probably not the issue.
haha yeah ill cheack that and i got the ranger mptor just gotta stick it in
Bad valve guide or valve stem seal? Wouldn't necessarily affect compression if the valve still seats in the head but it would let oil run down the valve stem while parked, seep oil into the combustion chamber, and keep the plug from firing if oil's getting on it too. Before it stopped firing, did you ever notice a puff of blue smoke on startup or an oil-burning-like smell from the exhaust while running? Less likely, but if not a valvetrain leak you might have a blown head gasket leaking oil into the cylinder.

The big thing to figure out is where's the oil coming from...
well ive decided that for the price of the rebuild kit (350 from summit racing) that im gonna pull the whole motor and have it rebuilt, along with the heads. so does anyone do machine work?
Ports Machine shop does a great job in town and can probably beet Summit racing's prices on a rebuild kit.
yeah im going for the alluminum pistons on this one. whats the number to ports

They are awesome guys, you won't be disappointed.

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