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ride or haul to anchorage and back
I am looking for cargo/passengers to share the cost of gas to drive down to Anchorage and back.
I am looking for someone that is heading down to Anchorage and back to haul some wheels down and bring some wheels and special inner tubes back up.

$25 to haul something down, $25 to haul it up.
whether it is me or you hauling or transporting I would be happy with this price.
I have truck with a short bed and 5 open seats unless you like riding in the bed.:rockon:

907 590 3077
I'll be going down December 2nd and 3rd with my truck.
that would be awesome.
If it's fixed by then.
I may be driving down around thanksgiving, plans are still up in the air.Smile The rig I would be taking is a Jeep YJ but 4 or 5 wheels should fit. I will post backup when plans are fixed should know early next week at the latest.
sweet. send me a pm and ill let ya know !
I'm still headed down the first and coming back the second of Dec. Should have my truck back by then. If it's back, I'm taking it.
i have already got my stuff. .. ill let ya know if i need something

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