Poll: What would you build?
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3 16.67%
upgrade existing rig
13 72.22%
sell the tires and buy a pre-built rig
0 0%
Other, please explain
2 11.11%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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[Homepage Poll] If you had 5 grand...
...and a set of 39" Pitbulls, what would you build?
5 grand can get me almost all the way to being able to run those pitbulls on my current Jeep...easy choice.
WooHoo 22s and 18" subs. OH yeah Hehh Big Grin

Nah it would have to be something more like rockwells and an engine rebuild. Now where to I sign up to get this. Smile
I would take it all and build my wife a Jeep or whatever she wanted
Not that 5 grand goes very far but would get a good start on building a buggy out of a crew cab s-10 with a LS1 or LS2.
I was the "other"

You needed a "both A and B" option.

I'd put the tires on the Blazer (upgrading current rig) as well I'd take the lock right out of the Blazer and get a selectable for it's front

Then buy tubing bender and steel to build boys a buggy. I already have the start to it - a Chevy S-10 frame and running gear - no body. So 5K should be able to get hardware to build the suspension, get some coil overs, and to set up some nice axles (using the lock right from the Blazer) ... probably finish it.
I have a rolled 2door 4x4 blazer out back I was hoping to turn into a Madmax buggy but I need the rear end for a builder so its going to be a parts rigSad
Sale the tires, rebuild both zuks and put 35" to 37" tire on yota axles.
already got the 39 pitbulls just need the cash.
I would upgrade, stretch it to 100+ wheel base, Coil Overs and long are front and rear.
The PitBulls would be GREAT!!! I want to build the Zuk for that exact tire!!! Cool

The Sammi Build Plan:

2.7L All Aluminum V6 (183HP up from 68!)
Auto Tranny (till I find a 5 speed)
Dual Xfers (Toy 4.7 behind the front Suzuki, OTT mods it)
Lengthening the wheelbase (100"ish) to balance the front & rear, hopefully same length driveshafts
35” Pitbull Rockers (Building for 39.5s later)
3 link front & rear suspension set to ride LOW on air bags (10-14” travel 20% up/80% down)
Huge ground clearance, with low center of gravity and a flat belly pan
Fully adjustable ride height, raise 10” to cross water, or drop to bumpstops for North Pole Nazi frame measurement.
Toy Axles stuffed with Chromalloy shafts, Aussie front & Detroit rear
(I would upgrade to ECTED lockers if I had more coin)
Hyd ram assisted steering
Cadillac rear disk brakes
Finishing the front Exo & opening the wheelwells huge to fit 42” tires fully stuffed
Building “wing fenders” & my signature rubber mud flaps

Well, that's the build plan, but I sure could use the $5k and new tires!!! LOL!!!

Here's a concept Pic, minus bumpers and exo and about where the suspension would sit raised:
[Image: samurai_pics_33.jpg_mod2.jpg]

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