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Yellow Sami
Oh crap I forgot to put this one up. My neighbor down the street has a yellow sami that's pretty. So pretty in fact I had to ask if he took it offroad. Big Grin He responded with a definite yes. Bill and I had run into him a while ago but he was about to go overseas. Well he came back and now is staying but he's kinda fed up with the sami and it's carb issues and is thinking about putting it up for sale. He did by a Chevy stepside though and I've yet to get him on a trail. He ATVs with the kids and seems to be a cool guy all around.
Yeah he seemed to be very eager to go out and wheel. At least that is the impression I got when Mike and I stopped by one day when I was home. Next run we have I think we should try very hard to get this guy out there on the trail with us and let him see what we do.
If he wants to sell Bumble Bee, let me know, I've got a potential Buyer.
Or, if he wants to fix her up I can help him out there too.
Got some go-fast parts he'll like. ;o)
Give him my phone number and we'll see if we can get it running right.
I think this rig has been a part of the club before, a few years back.

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