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Wrench or Wheel this weekend
I'm still working on my 'build' and now have a spindle to track down.
I was also hoping Shane would be in his shop. I'm looking to hook it up to something to find out what shock lengths I need. Big Grin
Firday afternoon Skitzo is running NP Christian HS students through a mud pit for end of schoolyear fun!

Saturday is siding on the new building at church.

Sunday is church here and Delta

Next week evenings will be finishing some customer vehicles and starting on the Blazer rebuild.
Still waiting on Kasi's lift, finally got shipped out of Seattle yesterday, should be here wednesday. My plan for the weekend is to get the body damage on Kasi's Envoy taken care of, got the rest of the parts yesterday now I need to pull the new doors off the parts rig and paint them. Opened my mouth about building a play house on top of the connex, so I'm guessing Im going to be doing some building as wellSmile
Thursday and Friday, I'm clearing trees. If I get enough done, I'm going to do the engine swap over the weekend. If not, I'll still be clearing.
I will be trying to figure out how to fit a square peg in a round hole. I think I just need a bigger hole....
Axle swap on the zuks this weekend, Anyone bored? If we get it done lets wheel on Sunday or Monday.
The Engineering Dean at UAF told me he couldnt fit a square peg and in a round hole, refering to the reason for a grade change from one of my professors that would allow me to graduate. I told him he obviosly wasn't an engineer, you get a bigger hole, a smaller peg or a bigger *%&^*% Hammer!! Believe it or not he signed off on the changeSmile

-I'm still waiting on the lift to show up along with some motivation!
I could use some help Saturday I am going to swap the rear axle out on the zuk and swap the guts out on the front axle. I can't use mike's front axle housing because of the truss on top i would have to spring it to clear. to do that I need longer brake lines,shocks and shock towers. the spring over will happen this winter. Idea is to get it done and wheel it Sunday or Monday.
Not sure if I'm working on stuff this weekend or not. Depends on a certain tranny owner.
Who own's a tranny! Man this club keeps getting weirdered and weirdered.
Hopefully the SAV will get finished on Saturday.

I may go and pull the donor axle and try to get the welded spool from Jeepmadness tomorrow. (I keep forgetting to call him)
AKMark Wrote:Hopefully the SAV will get finished on Saturday.

I may go and pull the donor axle and try to get the welded spool from Jeepmadness tomorrow. (I keep forgetting to call him)

I am home for the rest of the day! come on by... Also anyone who wanted arc rod give me a call and come by... 2273 Arlene Dr. NP
I'll probably be doing some scrub tree clearing, shoveling and raking alot of dirt, other yard work. A bobcat would be nice but not paying the rental fee again. So I probably wont even get enough for the front yard. And probably going for a hike oneday out at angel rocks with the family if anybody wants to join.
Nothing going on over here but a lot of packing and unpacking and cleaning then repacking. Whew confusing
I will be at my shop till about 1400 then i have a Brithday party to go to.
Got the soon to be under the SAV axle almost ready. Need to clean up the housing ends and install the brake drums and it's ready to get in there.

So if anybody is free this evening and wants to lend a hand, that would be great. I'm taking a break for now as my hands hurt (have carpal tunnel).
Saturday after the RTI practice, cook out at my work bring your food i have a grill at the shop. I would say around 2:00ish . The address is 3177 North Van Horn Rd. Pacific power products.
Anyone wheeling or work on their rig this weekend?
Demo Derby Sat for me so will be working on the derby car the rest of the week
workin sat on the rig... maybe some wheeling on sunday
working on the xj all weekend if anyone wants to come by.
New nephew and family in town - I'll be busy all weekend.
When can we work on Marks rig?
zukman1993 Wrote:When can we work on Marks rig?

Tonight (though I won't be home)

Any time Saturday - just let me know when you'll be here (I'll be gone 1/2 the day at least)

Sunday either afternoon or after 7 PM.
Got alot done on the XJ and a little done on Chris's truck. Should be here working more today. found some major issues on the XJ but I'll need to borrow something to fix it.
Trail ride or rig work this weekend?

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