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I Spy
ak_petey Wrote:yikes.
I am sorry:tease:.. Brandon. :whip:

That's four legged, last I checked I'm two legged. LOL.
Marty winning car to run in finals at Demolition Derby!

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And he was OUT!

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Arctic Offroad family getting muddy...
[Image: retepa7u.jpg]

[Image: mu5e9una.jpg]

A heavyD jeep but no HeavyD...
eight square holes.
a loose long bed.
a bob job on the chopping block.
a rear winch mount.
a new crossmember.
a closing date on the new home nearing closer.
Eric out Mogin by himself.
He emailed the pics...he was in Delta hunting. He realized he needs to wheel with us!


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Wayne N April - in person. Visit was short but great!
First snowflakes of winter falling!
FDM module 2 completed..
Tata shirts in the morning
Dr Brian Wrote:First snowflakes of winter falling!
FDM module 2 completed..
Tata shirts in the morning
Hush your mouth about the snowflakes.
How was the FDM? I was hoping to get in on a class before I left but wasn't able to. The dry needling course I went to is very similar though.
FDM was good. You missed out. This would get troops rolling in seconds rather than months.
Dry needling is a miniscule part of true FDM. Most FDM you do with nothing but a thumb.
Our fearless leader setting the example...

[Image: 04e272bdc8548bf92bfe9c75bf372cd0.jpg]
A good ride missed...
A possible solution to daily driver issues...
The need for help here real soon...
Physical therapy down to 2 days a week...
Me using my shoulder when/how I shouldn't...
Fire built...
Fire out house temp 80°...
Fire started late at night down to coals by wake up...
At 1815 house is still 77°...
Good investment...
4th day with no voice...
unable to work though not crazy is that?
finishing up Stampede pics
All prepped for the Ebola Viral Disease Team

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I spy pretty blue booties.
Me absolutely soaked ... Stupid valve indicated it was shut off.
A dog that likes to wander outside the fence...

No fire wood.
An order coming in on Wednesday.
Me wanting to wrap up the rear end of the dodge This weekend.
Me wanting to start on the Chevy this weekend.
Power steering leak STILL??? Wtf?!
Me almost Finishing up the water softener install.
A wheeling trip i might not make.. Due to some of the above items
[Image: 20141209_214204_zpsf596b731.jpg]

I spy something missing...
Two RZR projects finally in the shop, one that was stated to have 200mi has 3100mi......there goes any profit....
Seats that are hard to find...without buying an entire vehicle

Beadlocks in work

Need more snow, have bills to pay

Nothing is ever easy, or cheap
Refreshed motor back on the engine stand ready for install

New shoes arrived for S10

More hrs at shop but not to work on my stuff just others

Warranty paperwork to fill out
3 hours drying to diagnose a problem the owner knew the answer to but didn't tell me... Confusedlap:
3 wheels having lug studs of 14m/1.5 thread, the other 14m/2.0 threads - one of these things is not like the other...
No 14/2.0 lug nuts in Delta. No 14/1.5 lug studs in Delta.
A simple job that should have taken an hour that is dragging out for 3 days. :banghead:

A cleaner and rearranged shop! Cool

Jeep project abandoned and sold.

No 4x4 in S-10? :confused:

Go fast motor parts accumulating!:headbang:
Dirty parts clean and ready for paint

More money spent at the parts store

Crapy roads

Dinner with the wife. She had a screaming orgasm.

Shane braving the roads on university.

Paint on parts.
Mel to the rescue, again! Thanks bud, you have the best timing and heated seats, I couldn't ask for a better hero tonight.
One gone, replaced with something else....that needs a few things fixed....Typical Ford product.

A back seat for my DD, now I can actually haul the family in it. Wish I would've had those a few weeks ago when the accident first occurred....

An oil change sale that has me quickly organizing my stuff in a better way.

Wife's injuries not healing very quickly, more testing and waiting....

Having to roll with it

A K-5 with a flat tire wanting some love, but no time to give it.

A good snowfall coming at a time when we could use it, just wish I had more time to deal with it.
Oh yeah, forgot this one.....

A Nissan in the a trip to get the plow truck....

A return to find it much closer to the road than it was when it first went in, but the towing vehicle couldn't get it any further.

Plow truck making more progress, then suddenly none....

A coil spring bent in half laying on the ground....And a hole in the rear bumper of the Nissan......

The guy who hooked up the tow strap with some explaining to do, thankfully, not me.
A running 22RE!

Lots more work ahead of me before I can drive it..
A toyota that isnt mine in my driveway.
A small snow shovel and man hours = mr plow = me.
All e wood chopped, minus the 2 chopping blocks and the two logs/ cucv supports
Tragdor back in the garage.
Plans for a crossmember for the doubler and trans.
A cracked head ( not my fault) and an s10 still in the shop.

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