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I Spy
craigslist for sale ad thought that club logo's had to come off when selling rigs?
A lead on an atlas II t case for the dodge! lets hope my offer goes through! If so this will be a double rig double down kinda summer as for builds!
broken 10k and new 12k .almost have 2nd reciever winch plate mount built for new 12k.
Posting again...

Week 8 of 9....Here's hoping that we don't have to add any weeks thanks to complications.

The itch to wheel is sooo bad, but the body is sooo weak right now.

A week on my own in the not to distant future....

A week where I might be able to spend all my not at work time fixing up a few things and/or testing them out....

4 CB's and 4 VHF/UHF/FM radios....I think it's time to play a little.

A few vehicles I need to haul off....
5K were girls came in around 33 minutes!
lots of kids softball
10U softball tournament champion!

A loooong active day!
One month down, 8 more to go in Korea.

87 Buick Grand National sold and replaced by an 87 TurboT WE4 option car.

Missing my wife, dogs, and the Alaskan Summer.
Missing posts.
A foot of water in my crawlspace.:errf:
10 inches of rain in our bucket
river cutting a 6" deep trench down my driveway...
Steese hwy flooded in Fox
dock at Birch underwater
blue sky?
Someone blaming me...
A third girl...
Better see that doctor now...
Having to do too much...
$$$$ signs in need of a flatbill run.


New $500 sled for daughter.


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new to me 1975 dodge w300 4x4 tow truck. just need to fix ignition problem.
People's choice award at American Tire and Auto.

15 girls all over my rig.

Me and my Landcruiser going to be the cover photo on next years Calendar.

$1,000 fundraiser for the club!
Woohoooo!!!!! That's awesome.
Hundreds of mosquitos slaughtered and still there are more. How did they all get in?
Water in the crawlspace....still.
A big pile of birch and spruce rounds,
An empty trailer a few days too late.
A ported steering box awaiting installation.
A parts Holley waiting for pick-up.
A nearby trail that I would like to wheel sometime this week.
[Image: 00i0i_ky0xOUuOy4j_600x450.jpg]
[Image: 00c0c_hHoZ2UciszH_50x50c.jpg][Image: 00X0X_hoikmix2s98_50x50c.jpg][Image: 00R0R_kgRq1C1drHf_50x50c.jpg][Image: 00707_AepYh0Z3gd_50x50c.jpg][Image: 00i0i_ky0xOUuOy4j_50x50c.jpg]

For sale slightly used 37x13.00r15 Super Swamper TSL Boggers. Great for playing in the mud! $1000
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posted: 21 days ago
updated: 8 hours ago
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best of [SUP][?][/SUP]
A Knight in Glenallen.
Biohazard in the shshops

A 3.4 coming to life

Lots more work needed before its road worthy
buttoning up an s10 and filling it up with fluids. Fingers crossed.
building a winch plate with a receiver mount.
a new dog, potentially
maybe getting around to finishing my antiwrap bar setup.
A home with a nice shop that I can afford! Possibility of winter projects getting done so next summer is strictly wheeling and fixing what I break!
Baby black bear in my yard...couldn't get to the camera fast enough! Sad
Road guard duty????
[Image: avudezeh.jpg]
A photo that keeps going sideways...
Last OH-58D flight in Alaska before we left to Korea.
Nice video.
Girls wheeling at the fair.
Already capable of handling Zuks

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A new 4 legged member freshly neutered.
akcowgirl77 Wrote:A new 4 legged member freshly neutered.

I am sorry:tease:.. Brandon. :whip:

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