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I Spy
ChevyKev Wrote:Me power sliding the round-a-bouts in front of a NP policeman! :eek:

To my surprise, no twirling lights! Wink

That's the only way to negotiate those stupid roundabouts without cutting straight across them...they're either plowed or constructed with a negative bank...meaning you're going around the outside LEANING towards the outside. I thought I was going to roll my Jeep the other day going around the one coming off of the highway heading south...and that says a lot because I do the same speed around the flat roundabout on campus without any feeling of danger. Personally I'd treat them like my personal gymkhana training track if I lived in that area.

An itenerary finally...

Not the flight times I wanted...

One extra day off work...

Lack of support for someone...

Lack of involvement...

Lack of being asked to be involved...

Class change...

Name tapes in less than one day...

new uniforms still not in...
A phone call from Ole late last night that had us doing a 9:30 PM Snap-On tool run!

Another Chevy hauled to the house.

Ole doing some work to put a bid in to help my bro with his new house.

454 sitting on an engine stand in the garage - seemed like very good compression

More stuff to pull from the donor

the Chevy Shuffle

AKMark lending a hand

GrizzlyBeaver pulling a trailer

Me, still not feeling quite well
A memorial for 3 of my soldiers



Prayers for friends - know we're thinking of you!

snow - lots of snow

snow plowed, again - lots of snow plowed

AKMark in training for his possible new gig! (yet at a much lower hourly rate Big Grin)

The KTF Fleet moving about

More work to do

Skitzo trans swap put off yet again, however - coming soon to a garage near you!

discussions, headaches, heartaches

Taco night!

More work to do before bedtime - so I better go!
Friends working together to push a rig into a garage for surgery, scheduled for 3 pm tomorrow if you want to lend a hand.

Snow, being piled, plowed and sucking us into the ditch.

Friends I haven't seen in awhile, picking up where we left off.

A couple of new faces

A bunch of food that will be greatly appreciated

Ideas and plans, but not sure what ones I am going to pursue

An attempt to keep from living up to an old nic-name.
Working on a Saturday morning.

Friends helping me out while I am out.

Many hours in the plow truck!

New steering options for skitzo - much needed upgrades!

Mud from July - quite frozen

A ditch - with me in it! :oops:

A tug out of said ditch - from a lady that I helped 3.5 years ago - by changing a tire - about a mile down the road from my ditch diving. Cool

Lots of friends around a table full of food ... and no one eating (besides donuts!)

a decent day.
[Image: 100_0652.jpg]
More snow

More plowing

More job related work - its all good

More Skitzo work - just not being done by me

More friends helping friends

More interest in AO - Friend who hung around today interested in trail rides and wrenching sessions - just has an 8 month trip to the "mountains" first.

More on the to-do list

More sleep needed

More money due to the more plowing to purchase the more parts needed, just not enough "more" money to get all the parts on the wish list!

More odifferous fumes seeming to linger around Chris "Pat" Zajac

More lines being lept over!

More flex needed - I'll let Chris and Mel explain that one!
Two individuals who need to say no to crack.
yeah mel
More dedication than deserved

Amazement and awe

9 6 year olds hopped up on chocolate cake. Thank goodness my wife reserved a party room. Cleanup is so much easier.

more toys. Rolleyes

a good deal on a tire. even if it was a 45-series.

941 out of 1000. Either its time for spring cleaning, or I need to up the authorizations.

work to be done

more work to be done

my bed before 0100 -- first time all week. But up at the earliest all week.
sevenslats Wrote:941 out of 1000.
That would be a nice RTI score.
i have a feeling that is his messages
I spy...

Parking lot internet...

The only store that has what I need closed on Mon...

Wrong information again, and again, and again...

Some wrench turning...

A broken exhaust bolt...
One and a half bolts holding a front driveshaft in (so I thought)...
Two t-case bolts about halfway out...
A sawzalled exhaust hanger...
Lots of tranny fluid on the ground...
An idea for fender flares

money for field camp this summer

possible money for tube fenders before field camp

shopping list for field camp supplies.
Pee in a cup, enough for several times more than needed

He didn't stare, weird, for the last eleven years, they always did.

LOTS of stops in a very short time period

A less criminal looking mug shot

A very nice, used item for storage at my new workplace

My stall, needing cleaned out, but with lots of room.

Coworkers, a few pretty interesting ones....this could be fun.
You're working on Fords, you've got job security. It's all good.

Big Grin
A 12 hour delay

My 1st, 1st class upgrade

A hotel to chill in

Food vouchers

A voucher to make my next travel arrangements much cheaper

My copilot, ejecting, but with good reasons

A long, lonely road that's calling my name
Bags packed for the last time...

Class prepped...

Gear being left home...

A trip to the ER planned before the airport...

A coin ready for a trip...

A push for a GMC...
not having reverse is not a bad thing, until you don't have anyone else to double park...
Air bags, the suspension type in coil springs.

Found they don't move around very good in 0 degree weather

Replaced parts, new parts, and HOLY COW heavy parts.

Am I really leaving again so soon?

Only 2 in the last 7

350 before another 2880

Let it out................ I think
Camp Parks, wherever the heck this is...


Alot of hurry up and wait...

Tax dollars paying for my beers...


A dog and pony show...

An XJ on 33's with an AO stalker card on the window, hey you never know they could come to fairbanks...
A cell phone going through two machines it shouldn't have.
akram Wrote:,,,An XJ on 33's with an AO stalker card on the window, hey you never know they could come to fairbanks...
hahaha go gettem mel!!
17.5 hours of running ragged.

after only 4 hours of sleep obtained in 2 different stints with a 2 hour interuption inbetween.

Me pulling 2 people out of ditches.

Me digging myself out of a snow bank (not a ditch - I wa slowing.. so much snow that it came over the top of the plow and buried me in the snow pile.)

Mrs. Sammy mike using her ubicon to pull me out of one of those snow banks/piles.

Snow snow everywhere!

time for sleepy sleepy.

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