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I Spy
Big Grin

Throttle response and take off back to norm.

An annoying carb backfire. :mad:

A possible distributor advance mod...

One hundred snowflakes.
A certain pm with an outbound response with some choice words...


A long day coming to an end...

Kelly wastin' time tryin' to point out grammar to chris, I think he gaved up on me a lon' time go...
a year's worth of access to factory Toyota service information.

a soldier getting a vehicle fixed for free, because they deserve that much. Smile

a 300 frame power point presentation built only to find the "easy button" Rolleyes


the need for fewer friends or a bigger cellphone battery. :grouphug:
ice rink, hockey puck, frustrations relieved - at least temporarily

a shut-out broken up by my own defenseman! :angry:

Oh well - we weren't keeping score anyway!
akdsmer Wrote:Apparently punctuation and capitalization came later...Big Grin
yeah and *** kickings were extra-curricular:bat:
ZMonster Wrote:yeah and *** kickings were extra-curricular:bat:

i was kidding, but could we please PLEASE change this back to I Spy...
an avatar bringing back memories...
Too many miles in 4 days,


The Lower 48,

A bent Reciever hitch

A friend I haven't seen since she left in 07

Her better half having a vacation and should be back at the end of the month.
The check Engine light from Minot ND to Ontonagon MI

A very dirty truck,

Family's glad to see we made it home safe,

warm weather and tons of SNOW!!!
Huge markups at the Perfomance Shop.

Rods and Seats that took less than a day to get from Napa and Shuck's.

Cast iron AMC V8 square bore four barrel manifold.

20 Hgs vacuum pressure.
OH yeah my engine sucks baby...Cool
easy homework

lots of spare time

looking at pricing for eye exam, new specs, and stuff for the Jeep.
The wife getting a job offer in Salcha.......more to follow..... Or does anyone know of anybody in FBNX looking for a mechanic, A&P or equipment?
Everts Air is always seemingly looking for aircraft mechanics.
AKMark Wrote:The wife getting a job offer in Salcha.......more to follow..... Or does anyone know of anybody in FBNX looking for a mechanic, A&P or equipment?

AK Mark on his way I think once an Offroader has been here, they never want to leave and when they do they keep looking for a way back. I will most likely be able to stay for 1-2 more years and then my time is up, but I will try to come back and I am definitely trying to convince the wife that when my military time is up, we should retire in Alaska...
Heart breaking news

an all new low

TJVigilante Wrote:Everts Air is always seemingly looking for aircraft mechanics.

Thanks, application sent in as of 5am your time.
More interest at Everett and a few other resumes sent.......We shall see.....
G'Luck Mark hope to see you again soon.
A mistake with a 1/2 flush trim router bit and losing more than I bargained for. Sad I am now down to about 9 5/8 from 9 3/4 lol :eek:
An idea and offer for a flight...

Orders now but alaska air getting rid of a reservation...

A lesson plan...

A finished science project...

Super float...

"group" support needed...

An african island again...

A job oppurunity in brazil, hhmmmmm...
Carls axles

the plow truck starting up after a 2 month sit time - engine knocking, trans complaining - yet running, moving, crane working, and hauled trash to the dump! I love that old beat up clunker!


Missed calls

a little less pain today than the last few - but still hurtin
A wide track Yota.
500' of DOM.
A "bagged" arm.
Sparks flying in the garage again.
A little progress.
a akbronco in the person..
another night of school
Dilated pupils

Eye exam

new glasses ordered

supreme headache

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