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Retired member Check-in thread
Kira! (If I misspelled that sorry) Great to hear from you!

Hope all is well and we miss you guys too!
It's great to hear from you. You guys make your way back up here anytime you are ready.
Tell Martin I still have a few of his tools...

Would love to see you guys back in AK!
Thanks everyone.

I will let him know, but I am sure he hasn't forgotten about them & he does trust
With the military life who knows when We will be back in Alaska.

& Mark you did spell it wrong haha
back in michigan and loving the civilian life. the blazer still sits at my buddies with the engine, trans and transfer out. was going to junk it and build a new chevy but changed my mind. it will become a trailer queen because of the stupid lift laws in michigan. i will sneek it around town every now and then ( hidding from the cops) to get it out to the hunting camp. the mustang sits with a cracked front bumper from loading it on the car dolly. it only comes out when the weather is nice and the roads are dry. looking for a tow rig now. have a few possible trucks in sight. other then that im just taking a little break and enjoying life outside the military.
Kyra, I can't mail his fuel presure tester because of the smell of fuel and mailing laws...
Besides, it doesn't read accurately - but I still have it and even know where it is.

The other thing is an engine lift plate that attaches to a carb mount...
Tbi spacer?
Yo Yo Whaz Up!!!
Living in St Louis now, got an Apartment.
6321 S Grand Blvd
Apt 1C
St Louis MO, 63111


Hit me up if you wanna catch up.

Almost forgot, I start classes Monday to get a Bachelors Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media
Blast from the past. Glad to hear things are going good.
Hello My A.O. brothers, so hows life near the edge of the Great White North. were doing good, about a week ago I received my new Super 35 kit W/grizzly locker and 488 gear sets front and rear. thanks to Chevy Kev. I blew the ring and pinion out of the rear end about a month or so ago. hopefully I'll get started installing it soon. I will try and post some pics and what not as I'm doing the install. Take care, see you all soon.
Good to hear from you George!

You headed back this way anytime soon?
:whistle::whistle:HE HE HE!!! Maybe
Good to hear from ya George. go ahead and get it all together and head on back up here.
Ran into an old AO Member at Jeep Camp this past week, hope he checks in and as bad as I am with names I believe his name was Dave as in Suzuki Dave.
I met Dave once in 04'.
Cool. I went on one trail run with him. His going away run on 55 mile.
Hey guys,
Enjoying the retired life down here in Florida
Built a new rig
Its a 2000 TJ 4.0 Auto, AtlasII 4.3:1 twinstick, dana 60 front dana 70 rear cromos, 37 Crawlers, smittybilt tubefenders,sliders, crusher corners, front and rear bumper superwinch 9000lb winch 1 inch mml, custom 4 link F&R
I was happy to have wheeled with you all and wrenched but dont miss Alaska one bit. Yall have fun up there I gotta go find my flipflops.

Oh you know deep down you miss it. You'll have to make a summer trip up here sometime to cool down from that heat.
Good to hear from you Jeff.
what's up guys? Living the dream of a recruiting company commander here in Ohio.... very mild winter so far... bought an old S10 4x4 to soak up the salt they lay down on the roads up here. I got a Paxton Novi 1200 supercharger for the challenger dirt cheap, should put down 500 to the wheels when I am done and drop my 13.27 at 105 down into the low 12's or high 11's. The wife and I have found a house we may buy up there in AK to retire to, 6 more years.... can't wait.
Good to hear from both of you Jeff and Tony!
For some reason I don't see being a commander of a recruiting battalion all that fun.
akram Wrote:For some reason I don't see being a commander of a recruiting battalion all that fun.

Correction... recruiting Company... it is only fun because:
1. I have an outstanding 1SG and 28 great recruiters
2. My company is the only company in the Battalion making mission right now
3. the leadership above me is great compared to the "Toxic" leadership style that was pervasive in my last unit...

recruiting used to be brutal and wrecked a lot of careers (it still does for those that fool around with High School chicks)
im alive and well. on the look out again for a nother rig to build and wheel.
Good to hear from you Carl.
[Image: 15nqgc1.jpg]

This is my rig with the street tires on it, I have 37inch RedLable Crawlers for off road

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