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TRBNDOC Bronco build
Tonight from 7pm until midnight or so, we will be working on the Broncos- some body repairs (welding) and some motor mounts. If ya'll want to stop by and actually BS instead of work, this would be a good night!
Wish I could come over but The XJ is half torn apart and I have the girls tonight.
Paul and I just cleaned up. Amazing what you can't get done in 6.5 hours. We did remove the dash, wiring harness pedal assembly and such, cut out the old firewall, measure and cut the replacement panel and tack it into place. another 3-4 hours will have that, the side panels and the floor panel installed, Then on to motor mounts (the engine,tranny and t-case are put together on the hoist just waiting for the firewall to be finished. Pictures tomorrow. I'm beat.
Here is what we started with. The firewall obvioiusly has seen better days on the driver's side. There was a cheesey patch panel that was attached to the side and was guber-welded on. I removed that prior to starting to remove the firewall panel.

[Image: Broncobuild065.jpg]

Brakes? Manual of course!

[Image: Broncobuild068.jpg]

Paul cleaning up the edges after I plasma cut the firewall out.

[Image: Broncobuild070.jpg]

Here I am mocking up the piece. I cut it slightly large on all sides and carefully ground it to be a good fit. You can't see the double wall portion on the windshield frame side. It was the toughest portion to fit.

[Image: Broncobuild072.jpg]

Paul cleaning the metal in preparation of welding.

[Image: Broncobuild073.jpg]

Here I am fitting the passenger side edge. The tight gaps here will make the welding easy.

[Image: Broncobuild074.jpg]

Sparks flying...

[Image: Broncobuild075.jpg]

Almost ready to put a few tacks down. This process definitely isn't fast, but it looks good. Paul and I are going to fabricate a new side panel that extends far enough to properly connect to the front inner fenders.

[Image: Broncobuild076.jpg]
Looks good, wish I could've helped out.
I spent a couple hours tonight and removed the factory 6 cylinder motor mounts, filled the grinding marks and smoothed the frame. I finished welding in the firewall and cleaned up the welds. Next step, install motor/tranny/t-case, mount the t-case and figure out where to install the motor mounts. Smile
Looking very good, looks like I need to retract my where bronco's go to die statement and agree with Ole, they are being resurrected there now Smile
This is moving along very well. Can't wait to see it on the trail.
I still have a few things left on the 69 before I can resume my build. Hopefully I can get those done over this holiday weekend, so I can resume the Nash build/Bronco drivetrain install.
Spent the evening with Paul and his father (Paul) and finally got to the important stuff (like motor mounts) and some more fabrication of side firewall panels. The Pauls replaced the rear axle with my spare, which happened to have 4.10 gears as well. Smile Now I just need to install the floorpan, and then we are waiting on body mounts, which may be in town already. I'll be looking into that tomorrow. As it sits, a radiator, some wiring and driveshafts and this thing could move under it's own power, if it had steering, and the body was all bolted up, and the shifter and pedal assembly was installed and....
akdsmer Wrote:The Pauls replaced the rear axle with my spare, which happened to have 4.10 gears as well. Smile

Nice, but did it have brakes!?!?!? :whistle:
ChevyKev Wrote:Nice, but did it have brakes!?!?!? :whistle:

Brakes, e-brake cables and the works. :oops:

Some pics of yesterday's work.

I cut the old mounts off and used them as a starting point for the new mounts.

[Image: Broncobuild079.jpg]

After figuring out the factory location and height for the 302, I shaped the old mounts to mate to the frame. I then added gussets to support the top of the new mounts.

[Image: Broncobuild087.jpg]

The new driver's side firewall panel. It's made of 1/8" to replace the two thinner gauge sheetmetal panels that were removed.

[Image: Broncobuild091.jpg]

Now that the engine is properly positioned, the front clip can now be reinstalled.

The soda in the foreground isn't mine Kev, I'm maintaining my (early) New Year's resolution to stop drinking

[Image: Broncobuild090.jpg]
looking really good, sorry that I wasnt able to get up that way last night to help out.
I'm maintaining my (early) New Year's resolution to stop drinking

Paul says you were the one drinking the coke :fishslap:
Wanna become alice's offroad supply? Cool

Big GrinBig Grin
It wasnt me, it was the prospect Big Grin
You wouldnt do that to your hero would you?
"suzie's offroad and womens wear" has a nice ring to it
Last night I was able to cut in and tack the floorpan in Paul's Bronco. Tonight I was able to finish welding it in (sheetmetal is fun to weld...) Paul and I were able to get the body lift installed and removed (if you know what I mean) and a few other small items completed as well.

Tomorrow it will be install the last of the body lift bolts, tighten them and then install front inner fender assembly, install dash and wiring to engine compartment and then maybe roll it out the door and to it's rightful home? Anyone with some time to kill (like maybe Ron-How about an officer do some face-time for a prospect. You'll have to use more than one finger this time, but the heavy lifting is done Smile) can come on over. Give me a call on the land line in the early afternoon. Those on the run-congrats, you are off the hook!
coming along well kelly hope to see it on the trail soon
Paul and I did some rough draft bumper designing yesterday - does that count? Big Grin
Some pictures of the progress on Paul's Bronco.

The new floorpan in. Welds need to be ground down and seamsealer installed (the new tube of seam sealer is old and rigid). Paul bring some new seamsealer.

Dash installed and wiring fed into the engine compartment. The wiring up to the wipers needed to be cut and properly run through the windshield frame instead of next to it. I still need to solder up the wires.

[Image: Broncobuild002_314682.jpg]

[Image: Broncobuild001_800393.jpg]

Steering wheel installed as is the brake master cylinder.

[Image: Broncobuild006_267356.jpg]

New right side panel installed. Now we can install the front inner fender assembly and spot-weld it into place.

[Image: Broncobuild005_261507.jpg]

Need to do:

Lengthen and repair taillight wiring harness. Paul bring some 3/8 wire loom.

Run wiring to connect engine compartment components. A few wiring repairs that need to be made here. Also, the newer wiring harness needs a few corrections for the old style voltage regulator- Paul, a 76 style voltage regulator (solid state) would be better and easier. Give me a call.

Wire up an electronic ignition harness and intergrate it into the existing wiring.
kelly give me a call today I should be available most of the morning.
power steering gearbox on the way west bound and down

MTRs puchased 35's on black beadlocks

contemplating the easiest and least regrettable way to mate a NP 435 to the dana 20 I have some pretty good ideas but not sure which one will pan out

I think the only bits I need now are a power steering pump (still need to do the research).

disc break conversion for the front d44 Ole is working that one as well as a 4.10 gear swap Thanks Ole

mating the old exhaust up to the new manifolds. took out the old headers.

then on to the fun stuff fabbing up bumpers and roll cage.

then maybe some paint dont want Ole thinking I stole the Calico
trbndoc Wrote:then maybe some paint dont want Ole thinking I stole the Calico

Twister Orange Big Grin
Moved from Kelly's Bronco Build...

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