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TuRD Build
I bought the Toyota from AKRAM just to drive back and forth to work till I deployed to keep the miles off of my Jeep, one day my jeep was broke and I wanted to wheel so I took out the truck and fell in love with wheeling it, long story short I got tired of the jeep sold it and started building the Toyota.
I have named the truck the TuRD

Turd when I first got it
[Image: IMG_1156.jpg]
TuRD with some wagoneer springs up front and 33inch MTRs
[Image: IMG_1280.jpg]
Now comes the good stuff..... the truck I have is an 84 and has the 22r carb motor which to say the least has seen better days, it is worn out, but still runs. I bought a wrecked 86 4Runner because it had a good strong running 22re motor, I got it off a tweaker for 200.00
[Image: IMG_1255.jpg]
When I bought the runner the tweeker had ran it into a power pole and crushed the main wiring harness that went to the CPU he told me it ran fine but would not start so I could have it for a song, I had a buddy pull it to my house and in 20 min I had it running and was driving it around my block. the drive train, and frame was in great condition but every single body panel had been bashed, and most of the windows had been knocked out.
the plan was to do a motor swap from the runner to the truck and take the trans, xfer case, and rear third for spares and junk the rest.
As I was under the runner unbolting the trans I noticed how good of shape the frame was in and how much stronger the frame is built VS. the pu frame, the Runner frame has not one single speck of rust on it and is 2x3 boxed.
So the new plan was hatched. I am taking the cab off of the 84 and doing a solid axle swap on the 86 and putting the 84 cab on the runner frame and going to build a custom flat bed.
SPECS: engine Stock 22re FI
trans 5 speed out of the 86
Xfer case out of the 86 with 4.7:1 Trail Creeper gear set
Axles: 83 front with 1.5 inch wheel spacers, 4.10 gears, Aussie locker, trussed, diff armor, knuckle ball gussets
86 rear welded diff 4.10 gears diff armor, trussed
steering: trail gear high steer kit
front susp. SAS with rear springs out of the 86 plus 2 extra leaves, custom built spring hanger
rear susp. triangulated 4 link with TJ coil springs and 2x2 control arms
Shocks: front 14inch travel RE TJ shocks, rear will be Stock shocks from a 99 ford F250 (14inch Travel)
tires: 33inch MTRs, 35inch BFG crawlers with Staun bead locks later
winch: 7500lb champion
Got the runner stripped down, all brackets removed from rear
[Image: IMG_1288.jpg]
Built spring hanger materials used 2x4 .25inch square tube, .25 inch plate
[Image: IMG_1312.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1311.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1305.jpg]
My daughter helping me tear down the 83 Axle
[Image: l_98fef996fa6a545021e91d6bd164d7a6.jpg]
Trussed, armored, gusseted
[Image: IMG_1321.jpg]
Pile of goodies
[Image: toys.jpg]
Links I am using, material will be 2x2 .25inch
[Image: IMG_1262.jpg]
Spring pack built
[Image: IMG_1324.jpg]
I have to reassemble the front axle and hang it then I can get all the measurements for the 4link rear, I ordered all the brackets for the 4link from ballistic fabs, the only thing I will have to build is the truss for the upper links to mount on, my goal is to get it done with some time left to wheel before I ship off to Iraq in Sept.
James (Hillbillydodge) has put in about as much work on this thing as me and I could never be as far along on it without his help.
Nice writeup. let us know when we can help.
from the jeep to the turd... how sad. i bet you take sushi out on the trail now to snack on? just kidding, nicely done. don't worry, i'm working on some trail rides for our few weeks in kuwait.
Nice build, if I can do anything let me know, always available
Very cool. I like watching vehicles evolve.
Eric Whitebread came by today and helped me on the project, I installed the new clutch and got most of the front axle assembled, meanwhile Eric finished up the welding on my 4 link brackets, I also acquired a set of 35inch Dunlap mud rovers for the project. My U bolt kit showed up and the 4.7:1 transfercase gear kit should be here any day now. I should have the front axle in tomorrow then I can start measuring for the 4 link brackets, I still have some brackets that need to be cut off the frame. Anyone got a set of torches i can borrow for a day? Big thanks to Eric for the help today the brackets came out great.
man this rig is gettign serious, quick. Nice work Jeff. I hadnt seen this thread yet.
looking really good man .. so what is the wheel base now ?

I think you will love wheeling it when your done ..
Fix_It Wrote:looking really good man .. so what is the wheel base now ?

I think you will love wheeling it when your done ..

I am shooting for 106" I am going to bob the frame just past the rear brackets so I have a 90 deg. decent angle, I set the front axle 3 inches forward of the stock location to try and avoid excessive fender cutting.
Got the knuckles rebuilt, Eirc came by and helped me hang the axle, hooked up Hi steer, I am going to have to move the steering box forward a few inch's to prevent the tie rod and drag link from coming into contact during articulation, I am happy with the shackle angle, I got a set of the porta=torches from Flawed and had them filled, they helped speed up the process of removing the useless brackets from the frame. got all but 2 of the 4 link brackets finel welded, now that the front axle is in I can put some tires on it and start getting my measurments for the 4-link.
Axle, all new seals, repacked bearings, installed aussie locker
[Image: packknuckle.jpg]
Axle installed
[Image: frontend.jpg]
porta torch does the trick
[Image: torch.jpg]
Shackle angle under load
[Image: shackleangle.jpg]
How brackets are shipped
[Image: brackets.jpg]
How they look welded up
[Image: weldedbrackets.jpg]
I droped one of my hubs and it broke, I had to go to the junkyard and get a new one, they sold me a set off of an 82 for 25.00
[Image: brokenhub.jpg]
I am going to have to take a break for a couple of days, I sprained the crap out of my Ankle last night so the docs have me on crutches
I got all frame totally cleaned up, got all the brackets cleaned up off the rear axle, I dropped the front axle and re drilled the spring perches 1 inch back IOT move the front axle 1 inch forward, this will minimise the finder trimming and also make the steering work better, Eric helped me pick up the parts truck today and we dropped it at Kevin's, I am going to try to get the rear susp done and haul the frame to Kevin's on Sat for the cab swap.
I got the front tires on the rig today, I got the ride height figured out, I got all my measurements for my links, I have to cut the links, it looks mean sitting on the 35's I need to get a pic, tomorrow going to tack all the mounts in place, build the links and cycle the suspension to check for binding.
Got the new cab swapped onto the frame, I also stripped off all the useful parts from the parts truck and we hauled the carcass to the dump, when we got it there we torched off the u bolts and took the axles, the new cab looks good on the short 4 runner frame, I am going to have to fab the 2 rear body mounts, I also identified what I am going to have to do to correct the steering, I am going to have to move the steering box 2.5 inches forward. I removed the shifters from the tranny and transfer case because the cab came from an Auto, when I get it back into my garage I will sawzall a hole big enough to fit the shifters, I also have to get a 1 1/8 inch hole saw and bore a hole for the clutch master cylinder. Big thanks for to Carl, Tony, and Kevin, I am going to go pick the truck up Monday after work so I can get into my garage and starting mounting all the stuff back on the firewalls, and getting it ready for the new front clip.
Finished the truss
[Image: TuRD0012.jpg]
Getting Ready to load it on the trailer
[Image: TuRD0022.jpg]
Moving the cab (it took 4 of us)
[Image: TuRD0042.jpg]
bolting it down
[Image: TuRD0072.jpg]
Looks pretty good
[Image: TuRD0082.jpg]
[Image: TuRD0092.jpg]
Whats left of the parts truck, now axles are gone frame is at dump
[Image: TuRD0062.jpg]
The truck look great, can't wait to wheel with you.
:rockon::yes::bowdown::clap::headbang:Big Grin
Looks freaking awesome, wish I could afford to 4 link the 8.8 like that
Had a work party at my place on Sunday, Shane showed up with his service truck which was stocked with every tool needed, it was great having all the right tools needed for all tasks.
Shane and Carl installed the wiring harness while I got started fixing the steering. I ended up moving the steering box forward 3.5 inches, I had to notch the body mount, and trim the sheet metal on the new front clip.
James and Matt relocated the rear body mounts to match the new cab. I had a great time wrenching and we made alot of progress.

[Image: SDC10055.jpg]

[Image: SDC10057.jpg]

[Image: SDC10058.jpg]

The new position of the steering, I plated the frame with .25 plate
[Image: SDC10060.jpg]
Awesome. I was gonna call Sunday evening about 9PM and see if you were still working, but got home to a few family emergencies. Glad to see a lot got accomplished.
Got some more work done on the rig , I got the front brakes and brake lines installed, I pulled the transfer case from the 84, I am going to rebuild it and install the 4.7:1 gears next week. I got the toolbox, and seats pulled from the old truck. the old truck is almost ready to go to the dump. Carl put most of the dash back together. I have not had alot of time to work on the rig because we have been busy prepareing to deploy. I am still hopefull I will see it run before I leave.
[Image: modify_inline.gif]
Well Shane showed up bright and early today with the rolling shop, Carl came by a little later, we got a bunch of work completed,
Today we
spliced the wiring harness's minus 2 unknown wires
installed clutch slave cylinder/hard line
mounted radiator
mounted air box
mounted ps reservoir
tacked in last body mounts
laid out and tacked in fuel cell mount
repaired fuel line
finished dash/heater install
I found out my spare transfer case out of the 84 is nor compatible with the transmission in my 86 so I am going to have to install the 4.7 gears in the one currently in the truck.
Thanks for the help today guys!
no problem bro.Smile
Glad to be there for you!
I just got back in from California I was gone there for almost 5 weeks, I leave tomorrow night for Florida for 2 weeks then back for a couple weeks then its off to sunny Iraq. I am working on finishing up the fuelcell mount right now, (had to stop to let the mantaince man fix the garage door) also going to mount the fuel pump today.
When I get back from Florida, Kelly is going to come by and help me get the wireing figured out and get the motor running, with James leaving, I talked Ole into letting me store the rig at his place while I am deployed, this winter he is going to do some tube work for me and also regear the axles.
[Image: 2emos4o.jpg]
this is what I want the exo to look like with a winch bumper and stinger.
I got some more done since my last post, we are going to deploy in the next couple weeks so I have not had a lot of time to work on the rig. its going to Olson to have the exo built, and the ARB's and 5.29s installed, and finished up, I was going to go with a welded rear and aussie up front but decided to just bite the bullet and go with the ARB's. I actually bought and installed the ausse already.
heres some pics
this is an older pic,
[Image: DSC_0131.jpg]

I bobbed it 18 inches, I fulley gussetted it after this pic
[Image: DSC_0299.jpg]
Fuel cell mount, all the mount is coverd in rubber weather stripping to prevent the steel from eating into the alum fuel cell
[Image: DSC_0298.jpg]
measuring for shock placement
[Image: DSC_0284.jpg]
Maxed out the cherry picker and did not pull a tire
[Image: DSC_0289.jpg]
I leave for Iraq next week, all the major work has been done, Ole is going to finish it for me so when I get back all I have to do is wheel.
I tore the truck down today, primed and painted the suspension and axles, finished up gusseting the new rear cross member, drilled out the front diff flange to accept the 2nd gen drive shaft, mounted the fuel pump. shimmed the spring perch to get rid of the gangster lean, reinstalled the front clip. tomorrow I have to put the axles back under the truck, bolt down the fuel cell, install the front and rear drive shafts, hook up and bleed the brakes, bleed the clutch cylinder, and have it all ready for OLE to come pick up so he can finish it off while I am in Iraq.
This thing's looking Awesome!
[Image: image061.jpg]

[Image: image062.jpg]

[Image: image063.jpg]

[Image: image064.jpg]

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