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Boat Siding A Jeep
I saw this on and Saw wondering what everyone though?

Is It worth it to do it. I can see the benefits of the higher sides and if you used a good piece of steel it would eliminate the need for rocker guards.
Definitely in the cards for me someday.
The first "boat sides" I saw were much more extreme - they eliminated door altogether and you had to crawl in. It gave a lot of clearance but wasn't practical at all.

Those are much more reasonable and I think they would function well.
From looking at the picture it does not look like a very hard operation. There is nothing to move in those locations on the tub. I'd much rather do this than but rocker guards.
I like the idea, I couldn't do it unless I modded my cage floor mounts.
How would you use the clutch, especially with a roll cage?

Also, is it just me, or is that door opening significantly smaller than stock? Cutting down a door doesn't really seem like something I'd want to try doing.
The door looks like it is the same size and there is alot of room between the clutch and the tub. About the only thing you would lose is that spot to put your foot when it is not doing nothing. There is alot of side on a jeep below the door.
I could see doing something like that if we were near rock country, but it seems a bit overkill here. Its a good idea, and I think it could be pretty functional, but I like the added benefits of a highlift jack points and steps in my rocker guards.
I would do it in a heartbeat to an old beater jeep that had dents in the rockers, but to a nice shiny TJ like yours.... no way. Crusher corners and flat fenders.. yes, but not a major hacking like that to a nice jeep.
All I'd be worried about would be the body mounts being way out in the open like they are. Sure they're vulnerable as-is, but only to a pointy rock in the right spot. Now, any rock you lay over onto can potentially fubar your mount.

I'd probably build some clamshell protection into that, or attach the protection to the frame instead.
with boatsides and clamshells, you're gonna need to install that snorkel, sailor.
sevenslats Wrote:with boatsides and clamshells, you're gonna need to install that snorkel, sailor.

And a set of cute little rubber boots. Rolleyes
I'd borrow Geoff's boots but I don't think they'd fit. :p

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