Poll: If you were going to repaint your trail rig:
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Do all body work and restore to "new", if not, why paint?
9 32.14%
Do minimal body work to pull out the worst of the dents and go from there.
5 17.86%
Sand and paint - it'll just get dented again.
9 32.14%
au natural (I'm to lazy to do any work to the body)
2 7.14%
CHROME and GOLD Baby!!
3 10.71%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: If you were planning to re-paint your trail rig
Hmmm. Whole body out of 1/4 plate... Maybe start with a fullsize diesel truck and cut it down to size then bolt on you steel, that's the kind of thing I would do if I had the time and money. Thank god I don't have either
wow this is old...

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