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Name That Trail
#26 is a cheater. those may be AK license plates, but that ain't any trail I've ever been on...yet.

Kelly, I see the trees now on #15. FCT, the Circle cutoff?
sevenslats Wrote:Kelly, I see the trees now on #15. FCT, the Circle cutoff?

Within sight of town...
Murphy Dome?
TJVigilante Wrote:Murphy Dome?

Yep, #15 is Murphy Dome, actually, the side trail that bypasses the high snowdrifts and takes you along the scenic high edge that overlooks Minto flats!
But no one has made a guess at #16 yet.
# 16 is up north - outside of Livengood maybe?
#26 is one of these.
SilverstoneXJ Wrote:.
Trails we ran:

Hell's Revenge
Metal Masher
Behind the Rocks
Hell's Revenge (Again, so we could do the 'Hell's Gate' obstacle)
Poison Spider Mesa
Golden Spike (Golden Crack)
Gold Bar Rim
[Image: NenanaTrailOct9th04079.jpg]

Bonus points for an explanation of the odd tint to the soil Wink
ChevyKev Wrote:# 16 is up north - outside of Livengood maybe?

Yep, About 10 miles North East of Livengood. BEYOND the earthen dam and about 10 minutes after a group of 4 wheelers said "you probably should go down and around the hill, it's pretty bad up there". Yeah, I probably used 4wd a couple times...Rolleyes. The hill in the back is Ester dome. The Zuki made it up there as well. Suprised the helicopter crew that was there to fix the repeater.

A trip that NEEDS to be made next year. Definitely a 2 day trip to explore it all or a early morning trip to do one side or the other. The middle (down in the swamp looks really good-the WJ need not apply for that!
#34 looks to be is what we called Nenana trail?
Before they posted the no trespassing sign.

sunlight / shadows / previous rig scraping the top layer off?
right trail. Look closer at the dirt. I see a specific color.
you mean the paint smudge to the right of your driver's tire?
yup. and there's more in a line even further to the right...
[Image: P8190043.JPG]
[Image: FBX060814060.jpg]
I know 'em both - but I'll let someone else guess.
I was at 40 so I wont say that one.

#41 is FCT, I believe the first full trail ride the skitzo did. Also Justin caught a fish with his hands that day. No I wasn't there.
Why the "It's good" sign? :whistle:
I'm not the only one reliving through the external hard drive today...

[Image: IMG_1849.JPG]
I wasn't on this one but I would still like to know where it was and who's truck?

[Image: DSC00285.JPG]

BTW I have a CD with ton's of AO pic's
that was bigred. He is still over on MMMH from what I hear. That trail, believe it or not, was the beginnign of 55 Mile in 2004 befoe the fires and before the owner cleared out the bottom before the first hill.

The paint smudge on Nenana trail was from Wayne's blue FSJ, also known for it's abilities to leak gas and catch on fire on the 55 Mile trail(no, the 2 fires were not related,LoL)
There'a a few large scarlet (to avoid using the term "big red") trucks in town. But I believe the one with the maltese cross is now my neighbor. It has a headache rack now.

Tom, you need to get the Club Hard Drive and upload!
Nate can correct me if I'm wrong - I think "Big Red"s name was Bob.
Good friend of Mike (who buildt what is now Mel's Jeep)

He also had a couple of old Broncos that he combined into one. Very handy at "redneck engineering"
I say that half laughing, but the things he made were safe and fucnctional.

I think he left the area in the last month or so - or is leaving very shortly.
No one's guessing on #45?
didn't need to guess... seems like I was there.

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