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74 K-5 Bumpers
Want any thoughts you guys would have on a decent set of bumpers for the K-5.

Hope to get a set built prior to leaving if I can. If it doesn't happen, no big deal, just would be nice if it did.

I'm thinking of square tubing and C-channel. Sorry, not a huge fan of tube only bumpers. Needs to have a stinger, mounts for spots and two shackles on the front, a tire carrier that can handle a 38, a 2" reciever and two shackles on the rear.

I have a few really bad drawings, but any ideas are welcome. I do need to incorporate mud flaps on the back as well to keep me legal.
I too prefer square tube to round bumpers. they're just heavier normally.

My ZJ bumper is a real simple, easy design. I wanted a multi-mount winch, so they altered the original desing slightly. If it was still in AK I'd gladly let you take some measurements.

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