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Sorry I never made it out there to help guys. I've been having brake issues and got just past Plack and some Jacka@@ pulled out infront of me and I had to hit the brakes hard and thats all she wrote. I have the part to fix it I just didn't have the time to get it done.
93hummer Wrote:Guys, I got the call about 11:30 PM last night but I was on staff duty and could not leave the Battalion area until at least 9:00 AM this morning. I offered to Ole to let someone come get the Hummer and use it but he never called back. Sorry I couldn't make it out, but it sound slike we all got about the same amount of sleep last night..

I knew you had offered, but worried about the trail width. I know it clears it's own way pretty well, but when you have to wheel a vehicle that isn't yours.... Not to mention, we know what the Hummer can do to axle shafts. Big Grin

I do agree that it probably would've sped up the process, especially after Forrest's winch broke.
anyone got some pics for the web wheelers like me who couldn't get out there...
George and Ole had the camera's, I'd get with them.
Here are a couple I took, it was pretty dark.

[Image: P1010394.JPG]

[Image: P1010395.JPG]

[Image: P1010399.JPG]

Ole's Says sometimes you got to Pull them Chevy's to get them goingBig Grin

[Image: P1010398.JPG]

[Image: P1010392.JPG]

A little muddy.

[Image: P1010401.JPG]

This morning, I wiped the inside of the windshield, and the inst cluster prior to leaving the trail head.
Very gooey.

[Image: P1010405.JPG]
I think I still have Ole's camera... Big Grin
that looks similar to Jon and Leni's winch fest run George...
Reminded me of that as well.
Here are the few pics I had time to take. I wish I could've caught Kevin nearly flopping.
[Image: July15-16recovery003.JPG]
[Image: July15-16recovery004.JPG]
[Image: July15-16recovery005.JPG]
[Image: July15-16recovery006.JPG]
Thanks to everybody who came out and helped. And thanks to those who tried but couldn't make it or offered up thier rigs. What a great group of people. Thank all your wives for letting me borrow you all night.
I know. Red X's. How do I fix it?
Had a great time. Wish I could have been more help.

EDIT: pics just had an extra space or dot. NBD
What do you mean? You were the first one to show, worked all night, and didn't leave till after 0500 so you could get to work.
First one to show, and sit and wait for help to get myself unstuck. I wasn't able to use my own rig for more than a anchor.
sevenslats Wrote:First one to show, and sit and wait for help to get myself unstuck. I wasn't able to use my own rig for more than a anchor.

Our success out there was due to two factors, rigs, and people power.

Ole and I had a discussion about this earlier, we would have been out there twice as long if not for all the folks helping pull cable and hook up chains and such. It was a great combined effort.

I was back there when I had my SS's on, but without a winch and on A/T's I knew my rig wouldn't be useful so I rode along.

We needed more folks than rigs in this one. Either way we were all shot by the time we were done.
Anyone heard if the red truck ever got out?

FYI, a generous donation was made to the Club for their efforts in this.
I was going to roll in the otherway on moday to see if he got out. He told Adam he didn't want help. He'd come out with come alongs and get himself unstuck.
wow what a mess............he he I cant wait!
Good Times.

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