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They have begun. Doing something a little different. So now I'll leave you and keep you in suspense.Confusedhifty:

And just so you don't have to...


But I wanted to..
Ok, I'll bite, whats different from what we have seen before? According to Johnny Law, you wont need sliders cause your already to tall Big Grin
If it has anything to do with the plans he's told me already, it's quite different from anything on the market, and for good reason. His XJ's going to have a little Buggy in it when he's done.
All I know is he's got Kev's chop saw and lots of metal.
You taking out the panel and replacing it with square tube so it looks like the original body?
I want to make a set, but just like the ones I had on the ZJ, I want them to stick out about 2"-3" so I get lateral protection.
I'm not going with the plans I told you Joe or others. Originally I was going to cut out the rocker panels and replace it with 2X4 tubing and do some bracing. But seeing as how I got some 2X2 tubing for a great deal that Idea went out the window. I'll have some pics tomorrow. Ran out of welding wire tonight so work came to a halt till tomorrow.
It's only 9:54 you can take picture tonightSmile
No pics yet. I am way too far in on one side to get pics of it. So, now that I'm done running getting army stuff done I'm on my way to HD and other places to hopefully get the rest of the stuff to finish. I'll get some pics of the progress today.
Since I came in to grab a bite to eat I'll post up a few pics

Two pieces of 2X2 welded together I will be going back and filling the welds in and grinding it smooth to help it look like one piece.
[Image: DSCF1439.jpg]
[Image: DSCF1440.jpg]

The ends. Same here will be filling the pits in and making it smooth
[Image: DSCF1437.jpg]

Mocked up. They are sitting at the angle the ground and jeep are at. The gap wont be even as I have some rocker damage.
[Image: DSCF1441.jpg]

Front view
[Image: DSCF1446.jpg]
Mounting point. These are rosette welded on right now. I only wanted to weld so much on the unibody. So after I type this I'm going back out to weld the sides and bottom up.

[Image: DSCF1449.jpg]

One I started to weld the side on before I thought about it.
[Image: DSCF1452.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1450.jpg]
looks great!
Well I'm either going overboard on the welding or it's taking alot more than I thought. Finished one 1lb spool today. Headed to get a larger one so I can finish what I can in the garage.

Here is the braces on one side so far. Not finished welding and grinding. Forgot to rotate the pic.

[Image: DSCF1454.jpg]
[Image: DSCF1455.jpg]

Close up don't laugh too hard at my welds. The cut out was a slight modification I had to do so it would fit up half way nice
[Image: DSCF1453.jpg]
Flux core. Looks like a good design. Should work like a champ.
Lookin good! Can't wait to see them on the XJ.
Looks really good Mel!
this looks great Mel. Now I gotta ask ya:
is it square, plumb, concentric, centered, perpendicular, and cross align measured?Big Grin:twisted:
naturalbornmudder Wrote:this looks great Mel. Now I gotta ask ya:
is it square, plumb, concentric, centered, perpendicular, and cross align measured?Big Grin:twisted:

Yes :p

Well I went and bought a 10lb spool got home went to load it and it is all wound up together. I couldn't even get enough line off to get it started in the gun. So I'm back at a stand still waiting on stores to open in the am. Nothing todo right now till I can start welding again. These are heavy too. Maybe a little too heavy but they wont bend I'm sure. I'm also going to gusset where they mount to the plates and unibody.
Mel thats awesome now cut out the panel and move them up a bit. Those looks like they would go perfect with the body lines in place of the rocker.
By welding the two together they would have and will. Actually they would stick out about an 1". But I'm not going that route just yet. Later on after a cage I'll be rasing the rockers up 3" and tying everything in. But that's quite a ways off. I might even build a little step for them if I find some smaller square tube.
akram Wrote:Close up don't laugh too hard at my welds.

Welds dont have to be pretty to be strong, I built my whole jeep with a flux core wire welder, looks great keep it up!
Welds dont have to be pretty to be strong, I built my whole jeep with a flux core wire welder, looks great keep it up
That's what I'm talking about, right there! A fluxcore welder and a bottle of Jack helped make my rear swing away tire carrier.
Need one more coat of paint on one to make it match. then they need welded on. Unfortunately I didn't get to work on them yesterday at all. The day before I got a real late start and was in pain so couldn't move too quickly. Maybe one tonight and the other tomorrow before the meeting.
I'm going to try to finish mounting these on Tues probably. I may need a hand just holding them in the right spot and such. I don't want another accident like before. I know my buddy Chris is probably coming by. It'll be around 1700-UTC. I need to get them on so I can figure out my gussetting for them before 33mi.
I can't work on these on tues as I was informed my daughters first practice is then and I'm not missing that. So maybe tonight after work and on Wed.

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