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[Image: DSCF1508.jpg]
Very Nice!
That's all I felt like posting last night. After a sore, oozing hand and one heck of a headache they are on. I still need to do some more plating of the unibody around them and a few gussetts but that has to wait till I can get more steel. There is about 1/8" movement once the Hi-lift starts lifting. They are beefy though and I'm sure they are more than strong enough. I'm going to add some sort of step possibly later on also. Not bring it down really just mmore lateral support and a place for the girls to step up on. I'll try to post a few more pics tonight when I get home.
What kind of steel do you need, small pieces or what. swing by this week end and and see if I have any thing you can use.

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