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Bat Wing bumper up grade.
Let me start by saying, Nate and who ever helped him with the Bat Wing originally, did an out standing job.

I thought I would just improve on it a bit, this is the begining there will be more as I get more done.
My friend Roy for work helped me with this.

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06012.jpg]

I removed the old mounting brackets, and the steering box skid bar.
Then we wraped 2 in flat bar around the bumper for mounting brackets,
then welded the pieces on for shackles or to atach a tow bar.
Check out this weld, am I good or what.Big Grin

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06025.jpg]

Just Kidding, Roy did the welding, I wish I was that good.

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06013.jpg]

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06015.jpg]

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06014.jpg]

This Pic is after we removed the steering box skid.

[Image: downloadedfromolympus28june06024.jpg]
Very nice!
Is that a continuous weld or a series of tacks?
Yes continuous.
I like the way that bumper looks on TJ's, it's a good look.

Nice weld job too, wish my hands were that steady.
pics installed?

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