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Big changes at the June Meeting
Between 3 new Member vote-ins and 2 Officer elections, you have a whole new crew in the Club.

Your new Vice President is Mel "akram" Whitlock
Your new Treasurer is Ryan "AK20" Groth

Your newest Members are Ole "78calico" Olson; Tom "ajpthng" Badgero, and Tyler "FlatBlackXJ" Hughes.

Shake their hands and welcome them to the family next time you see them!
:grouphug: :usa:
Mel and Ryan, (and Geoff and Kevin) your profiles should already be updated.
Ole, Tom, and Tyler, let me know when your dues are paid, and I'll update yours.
Congratulations to you all!
congrats to our new officers! Congrats to our new members as well. Wow, this is the first time since Sammi Mike left that there has been another vice presdent other than Kev...
Congrats to the new members and to ryan. Thanks for voting me in and I hope to do as good as job as Kev did, which I'll be getting with you soon so you can fill me in on somethings. Enjoy the break Kev you have 6months till the pres elections. And gina said just cause the last VP had tons of vehicles and car parts doesn't mean I can too.
Congrats to the new officers and members...gotta stir the pot every now and then...see what gets pulled to the surface. Big Grin
Congrats to new members and to Mel.
It was a good 3 years and a new face in the office will do well.
As for the next election, we'll have to wait and see, I may like this break too much! Big Grin
Congrats everyone!
Woot! This seems like a good direction for the club to go in.
Congrats to everyone, seems like things are running smoothly great to see !!!
Congrats to all.
Congrats to the new officers!

Good folks all around, and it's tough seeing other good folks leaving the positions.
Congrats to all new Members and Officers, now that my jeep is up and running I look forward to getting some wheeling in with everyone.
so the only changes really is that there will be no more electronic prize support such as a ds for the grand tournaments now.. so everyone just plays for 3 packs and an invite???
I'm not sure who this is or what they are trying to attempt but this needs taken care of.
that's the 3rd or 4th bot account on here posting random stuff.
What the heck? Ban him please. Can we ban the IP addy too? I thought only members oculd post in these areas?
Done, So is biboi101!

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