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steering box brace
OK I got to looking at these online for the XJ. Just wondering a few things. Speaking of the ones that bolt to the unibody not the bar one. It seems as if they are nothing but plate steel that goes around the unibody and the box bolts to. Is this all they are? If so I'm figuring I can make my own. I guess they really aren't called steering braces but maybe more reenforcement?
Sounds like subframe reinforcement to me. You can always do both...:p

Brace both sides and run a bar between.
I don't want to use the tubular one. I don't really have a good reason besides the fact I don't like. I was thinking of making a reinforcement piece to go on the subframe at the steering box. Then using some sort of sleeves for where the bolts run through.

This is along the lines of what I'm thinking of.

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