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Hybrid Axle
Parts List:
Solid Axle Industries billet inner C's
Strange 9" HD center section
5' - 3" OD x .5" wall DOM tube
Superior 35 spline Chromoly shafts for 77.5-79 Ford
Currie High 9 drop in w/35 spline ARB
D60 High steer arms (haven't decided on brand yet.)
Stock Outers for now.

As soon as I have the cash to purchase the shafts and the drop-in, I will begin the build. I want to have them so I can be sure the machining for the tube seals and the overall tube length are correct before I start fabbing. This stuff is too expensive not to get right the first time.
Moser 35 spline shafts are 1.5" in diameter, same as Dana and GM 14 bolt shafts. I believe the splines used in most aftermarket axles are universal, but I've been wrong before.

Are you hoping to just use D60 35 spline shafts with a 9" differential? I think that's just fine. Try looking around for any info on a 609 hybrid axle...they'll probably tell you to pay for a red star and search, but there will be the occasional nice guy who will direct you to some threads on it.
Have the inner C's and DOM tube. Have outers from another axle, but still looking for another set so I don't have to cannibalize a good HPD60F. Ordering the Strange center section this week and the shafts as soon as I get a price from Ron. The Drop in will have to wait until next month.
Wow. Old thread.
I've sinced sourced two 77.5-79 HPD60s, so this never happened.
I still have all the parts on hand except the center section.
This will be used in a future build. When it happens, I'll update with a full write-up.
Still a really cool idea.

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