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Blue Torch Fab DIY Fenders
Hello all, Finally back from the sandbox and the NCOA back to back. I came home this weekend to find my new BFT Do-it-yourself flat fenders. I will start the fab work this weekend and post up how they turn out. The hardest thing I can see about the setup will be lights to replace the factory turn signals and remounting all the orginal equipment mounted to the inside of the factory fenders. Any pointers for new lights up front. You can see the TJ fender kit I ordered at Glad to be home and the jeep needs a good beating for sitting around so long.:lol:

lets see those mad skills!

Take lots o pics
[Image: AUT6001C.jpg]

I love these headlight/turn signal combos, but they are a bit pricey. One of my future prjects will be to chop the corners off my hood and install these so I can have turn signals again after I do the chop. Here is the link:
Sweet lights Must add that to my list of things to research. Big thanks and would make for a super clean install.
Lawson! Great to see you again man!!
Welcome "home" dude.
Don't be a stranger.
93hummer Wrote:[Image: AUT6001C.jpg]

I love these headlight/turn signal combos, but they are a bit pricey. One of my future prjects will be to chop the corners off my hood and install these so I can have turn signals again after I do the chop. Here is the link:
Dude I like those...
Chetnak Wrote:Dude I like those...


Too bad, they're round. None for you. :lol:
crazy4ink Wrote:Lawson! Great to see you again man!!

sevenslats Wrote:Welcome "home" dude.
Don't be a stranger.

What they said! :yes:

Now lets see pics of progress!
TJVigilante Wrote::eek::eek::eek:

Too bad, they're round. None for you. :lol:

hey hey I have a CJ too :whistle:
I will start the tear dwon this weekend. I will post pics in the gallery if I still can. Spent so much time deployed and TDY I am so far behind in so many ways. Wish I could get back to AK.
OK, other ideas came up for lights but after seeing the lights with the built in turn/parking lights I just could not pass them up. They should be here in about 4 to 5 days. By then I hope to have the old fenders off and the new ones fabbed in place. Got the Club down here providing me good shops for me to get my new fenders painted or coated. Pics soon I promise.
Just incase you forgot what the project vehicle looks like here it is. Still on 33's but I hope with the new fenders and some sad looks from me the wife will let me upgrade to the 35's. I wanted to wait for the MTR's to wear out but they just keep going and going. Ha/Ha (Bad for me)

[Image: DSC01871.JPG]

Here is a picture of the fenders as they were sent to me.

[Image: DSC01870.JPG]

Enjoy more to come later.:headbang:

Any plans to highline the fenders and hood?
LawsonEOD Wrote:...and some sad looks from me the wife...John

Is there something you aren't telling us?


Sorry man, couldn't refuse LOL
OK here is the Jeep with Fender removed on the drivers side. Can only do one side at a time to keep the front clip in the orginal position and make sure everything is even and level. Second shot is of the new side piece of the fender in place. Sunday I will weld all the parts together and post another update on the drivers side as it should be done minus the paint or powder coating. Saturday I am doing a Veterians Motorcycle Poker Run Fund Raiser for a local Injuried Army guy that is home now but was hurt in Iraq. Small delay in the project but worth the time to do. Enjoy.
Update for the weekend:

Drivers side tube tacked in place.

top plate of fender tacked in place.

Drivers side with hood down.

I posted a few other pictures in the Tech Photo Gallery of both the drivers and passenger side fenders. I finished welding both fenders so the welds are at all seams. I will smooth out the welds next weekend, drill out all my pilot holes I made while the fenders were still installed on the jeep to remount all the factory engine bay parts that were mounted to the factory fenders. They should look seamless when done as if they were made from a single sheet of steel. Looks like I will be getting them painted white to match the jeep. Lights should be here by Thursday so they will be in next weekends update. Enjoy.

Looks slick....I need me some of that. With flare.
I like that look alot. Seems rather easy as well.
Did you paint the roll cage green?

looks real nice man. How's the weather?
looking good!!!
Thanks all,

Geoff, The cage is still white and the weather is very nice. Riding the motorcycle every day.

The fenders are easy to install. The hard part to make them would be the equipement to bend the metal into shape. I wish I had the equipment I would make and sell this stuff myself becuase I love working with metal.
Well, got the lights in and working. Fenders are at Excell Coatings getting powder coated white to match the Jeep. Cost is $40 per fender. I pick them up on Thursday and hopw to have it all back together by Saturday. Here are a couple pics of the lights.

[Image: DSC01890.JPG]

[Image: DSC01889.JPG]
WOW, nice clean look... can't wait to chop the fenders off of my Hummer and install those same lights!!!!
Well now I HAVE to do something different....:p
Looks sweet, the lights are a great finishing touch.

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