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Blue Torch Fab DIY Fenders
I especially like how the guard splits the line from headlight to turnsignal. Looks like it was planned that way.
OK, the project is done. Got the fenders back from the powder coating guys and they turned out real nice. The color is not a perfect match but it is a ten year old jeep with some wear and tear so the white is not so white anymore. Only item I need now is the new treads to mount on the rims to fill all that free space I now have. What do you think?

$180 for fenders +shipping
$80.00 for powder coating
$12.00 for new nuts and bolts to remount Fender mounted accessaries
Freebie (my time and tools)

[Image: DSC01899.JPG]
Looks great. Are you going to do anything to the rear fender wells? Are you adding any kind of lining to the front?
Rear comp cut fenders are down the road a bit more than likely after I smash in one of my corners. I got a guy down here that has some rubber like the stuff on the factory fenders to fill the gaps and keep some of the mud and debri out of the engine bay. Not a big rush on that as almost everything I have been on so far has been sand and water.

Also I forgot to add the lights to the price list.

Optional: $180 AutoNIK Headlights with built-in LED Parking/Turn singles DOT approved/legal
would car wax help match the colors? put a few coats on the new parts, buff the old parts a bit... If you care.

Pavement pics suck.

How you like that cab cover? What brand is it?
It works great but I have a small gap on the passenger side becuase the snorkle does not let it come all the way down. Not sure about the brand I got it from a friend that sold his jeep awhile back and found it in his garage. FREEBIE! It is a thick material with a soft fuzzy liner on the inside and water proof. It does keep the sun and rain out for the most part while it sits at work or the house. I will wax it up as I am putting it in a show in two weeks to drum up some more local wheelers and spread the Tread Lightly info.

I know pavement pics suck, I'll work on that.
Looks really great John! Your new tires should be there any day now, if they haven't showed up already.
It's all good man I just like busting your balls. You guys got me a great deal just itching to go wheeling again just like everyone else.
New tires?
don't hold out, whadja get...???
I already know....
NBM doesn't. MVC does. get your personalities organized!
Tires got here today. Big thanks MVC. Trxus MT 35x12.5x15 I'll get them mounted and get pics posted this weekend.
Nice John, fenders turned out sweet also...nice work, look forward to more pics!
Can't wait to do this to my TJ. Looks really good!
Big Grin You could coat the rest of the Jeep to match the fendersBig Grin
MT/Rs to TrXus. Hmmm.
That;s all I have to say about that.
I really like those headlights.

Very cool mods there.
I am still keeping the MT/R's They are just going on a differant set of rims so I do not wear out the new treads on the road for no good reason. My MT/R's have a ton of miles on them and they are still only down to like 40/50 percent tread and will work great for the road for many more miles. Giving the TRXUS a spin as they should float well over the sand down here when aired down nice and low.

Credit for the lights goes out to 93Hummer. He provided the link and info on the lights I just did the install and it was super easy to do.

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