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tire carrier
So I was bored today and started building a new Tire carrier for the Taco.
I will take Pics along the way and update it till I finnish. this is the reall first Fabucation I've started on my own and I don't have a tub bender. but I think it will turn out cool. the Idea is to be able to carry the tire either in the bed or outside the bed like the rally cars. so far this is what I have

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the bars around the tire are going to be stationary and I'm designing something that will hold the tire in that position and be able to swing out to get into the bed or turn it the other way. I might try and bend something up or I'll just have to cut and weld it together. wish you guys were down and to lend a hand. I'll have more done tomorrow before work.
cool. DId the old one finally give up? IIRC, it was only welded to sheetmetal.
no just wanted something new. Wayne and I were talking about it and also I wanted the use of my bed back.
looks good so far.

Except what kind of pipe is that? Is it galvanized?

IF so, make sure your work area is extremely well ventilated.
yea didn't really no the differance. I think it is thoough. I'm going to stop using it. where does everyone go to get steel around here? this was the only steel that was SCH40.
I dunno about Anch. But up here there's HPI for tube, greer for pipe, or in a pinch, Lowes.
drink a glass of milk Justin
justin you need the black schedule 40 pipe .its much easier to work with in a garage .

i have a bunch of it here .. :whistle:
Alaska Steel also has black pipe
justin spent the weekend with me this weekend and we got alot done to our trucks ..had another 3 am wrenching session having a blast . also we had hooked him up with 1.125 sch 40 Black pipe lol

and started over but with the proper tools and materials .

here is the feild goal posts as we kept calling it .
[Image: 101_0015.JPG]
never mind the fat guy behind the mask lol ..

we also fabbed up some gussets with old cuts of 3/8 plate ..
[Image: 101_0013.JPG]
instead of mounting the feild post to the bed tail gate mounts wich only use 10 mm bolts we decided to use the awsome rear bumper Holeproof Ind. built and hept it tight with his lines wich made it alot more rigid and sexy as hell
... we also twisted it up a bit to make sure the frame of the carrier dont hit the bed was pisser !

the rest of bushings for the hinges and the suspension mods for his truck was also ordered..
i will let him tell of his future plans ..back to the story ... here is some more recent pics of the bumper upgrades .

[Image: 101_0018.JPG]

these posts will be for his mounts for the hinges on the tire carrier the idea is he wants to be able to reverse it as he sees fit ..either hang out the tail gate to allow more room or better weight control over rear axle ..or tuck it in on the tight trails ..

how is this for tucking it in tight and following erics original design lines ? most importantly is justin seemed to like it even if i did weld it at 3 am outside in the dark lol !

[Image: 101_0019.JPG]
thanks Wayne. I orderd some bushings from pollyperfomance and when they get in well be able to do all the measurments to finnish it up. here are pics of what i got the idea from

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Neat. So does that green topper accent the hood graphics well?

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