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Update your rig status here!
When i turn the steering wheel the tires move now :p
[Image: 981469_508225422576919_1139101898_o.jpg]
Heavy D Wrote:108:1? Dang, if it wasn't for gravity it could scale buildings like spiderman.
I've got a grappling hook on the front. I can scale buildings like Batman.
With the help of Shane, Ole and Mel I got my 4" lift installed. It took a little longer then I expected but it looks great![ATTACH=CONFIG]887[/ATTACH]

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88XJ Wrote:With the help of Shane, Ole and Mel I got my 4" lift installed. It took a little longer then I expected but it looks great!

Those tires are cute, time for some 37's and fender trimming. Looks good Don
looks great minor question though is your rear axle forward about 1 1/2 ''s ???
T-case and shifters are done. Replaced rusted out sections of the floor. Driveshafts should be done by the middle of the week.
Replacing the waterpump and checking diffs and rear brakes tomorrow.
Project Mac is alive. I spent the last few nights with the help of my nephew all over this thing and the donor truck swapping parts and going through my personal parts stash. Hooked up the battery today and she fired right up. Now it's the little things and exhaust and some trail gear and I should be able to make the July run with it! It's been a long two and a half years to finally hear it run again.
Now that I will not be out of town for 6 weeks I will try to get both rigs ready for the next trail rides.
Have been working on Kael's Jeep.

Front axle spring over almost done - need U bolts.
Then will need to re-gear it with guts from the Comanche in the back yard for 4.10's
Then rear axle swap with spring over
Then hang and mount the engine/trans/t-case.

starting to actually make progress.
Well. The Sami is torn apart to add power steering.
Finally got fed up with the gov lock in the 14 bolt. So I welded the damb thing (much better)! While I had it all tore apart I also put a disk break conversion kit on the back. What a difference that made going from one working drum to two working disks. Now I can go and stop. Next will be a Detroit up front as soon as I can sneek it past my wife
Not my rig per se.
Shoveled the 78" of snowfall off the the trailer and drug it into the shop for some maintenance.
Converted all the lights to LED, fixed the trailer brakes, replaced the cracked seven way plug, removed the broken Harbor Freight winch and greased the wheel bearings. Now to do the truck this week.
Thanks to Ole, Shane and Brandon we found this today.

[Image: ee743f6aac82ff155c49c75cd3f25c95.jpg]
[Image: a1509d39bfab09346b7eedcad295d800.jpg]

One problem at a time. Very thankful.
looks like a little blood letting was involved.
Well my new more Family Friendly off roader is sitting in the yard waiting for me to come up with time to put some work into it.[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1407&stc=1][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1408&stc=1]

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.jpg   16839625_10155034571989555_981058962_n.jpg (Size: 166.25 KB / Downloads: 25)
87 Samurai JX back up wheeler, ready...
85 4runner working the bugs out. but ready to roll

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