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GPS Trail Mapping DVD
I got this in an email. It's not SPAM. I haven't thought about it enough to form an opinion, but wanted to hear your opinions.

A great tool to help riders and land managers save their favorite Forest
Service trails

This new DVD, which is available now through the National Off-Highway
Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), provides OHV enthusiasts and
professionals with detailed information on how to gather OHV route (trail)
information using GPS technology, and how to provide that information to
the USFS in a format that will be usable by the USFS for their upcoming
Route Designation process. Emphasis is placed on GPS tools and technology
that are available to OHV enthusiasts, and software that can be used to
manage, catalog and format GPS data.

The DVD is divided into eight chapters which are easily navigable with a
computer or DVD player. Chapter topics include an introduction to the USFS
Route Designation process, GPS hardware, preparing for your trip,
collecting data, DNR Garmin, Garmin MapSource, Fugawi Global Navigator, and
providing data to the agency.

One sample DVD is free for the asking, but the NOHVCC must charge shipping
and handling for multiple orders. To order, call (800) 348-6487 or e-mail You can also visit their website at
for more info on their other educational products and services. For more on
the upcoming USFS Route Designation process and what it means for OHV
recreationalists who utilize U.S. Forest Service lands, click here; <>

Taken from <>
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Blain Anderson
Trails/GIS Specialist
National Park Service
240 West 5th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

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