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Rules of Engagement for this sub-forum
Welcome to the Land Use/Land Permissions subforum. This forum will be used to notify people of upcoming land use meetings, and trail issues or disputes, and contact information and a public forum for members and non-members to hash out the good and the bad. Please feel free to post up topics that are of interest to bettering the responsible use of our land and promoting our sport.
The ROE is as follows:
- anything off topic or deemed spam by moderators or the admin will be deleted, no questions asked.
- no offensive language, gestures, pictures, or otherwise. The same rules as the rest of the Arctic Offroad forum
- be respectful of other
- Arctic offroad is a Tread Lightly! club. Anything deemed not Tread Lightly! will be deleted.
- Please PM an administrator for clarification. Thank you!

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