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Newbie Check-In Thread!!
Hi my name us Dustin Averett. I just moved up to Alaska this summer. Currently going to school here at UAF. I had a 95 wrangler on 35's in Hawaii and an 88 GMC Jimmy on 35's in Utah. Now I have a 94 Nissan hardbody truck with 31's that i got stuck a bunch up here this summer and have blown the head gasket on it so that'll be my motor rebuild for the winter. I just bought a 96 cherokee and ordered a 3.5 lift with some 31's that should be here in a week or two. I'm looking for people to off road with up here because i cant keep the fourwheeler in the back of the Cherokee, like i did the Nissan, to pull myself out haha. Anyway just looking for some people to hit the trails with.
Welcome to the site. Browse around and check things out. We will be having our next meeting in January. Hope you can make it out.
Welcome to the site. If you have not bought your lift already PM me, I might be able to help you out. Don't worry about the JEEP haters, hope to see you on the trail.
New to Alaska, and actually pretty new to four-wheeling as well.

My name is Ethan Davis and I'm a Airman living on EIelson AFB.

I owned a 91' Stock wrangler before I joined the Airforce and since then Ive always wanted to get another, so when I was told I was headed to Alasaka I jumped at the oportunity to grab another YJ.

My Rig- 1990 (YJ) Jeep Wrangler
[Image: photo2_zps5a28ddda.jpg][Image: photo4_zps659982fc.jpg][Image: photo3_zps3af9e7da.jpg]

The guy I bought it from was calling it "The Rubican't" and you will see why when I explain the Mods ( None of which I have done myself)
  • 4.0L EFI High Output Inline 6 cylinder out of 98 Cherokee.
  • Custom made air filter inlet tube off of a 03-04 Ford 6.0L Diesel charge air cooler system (CAC)
  • Water pump installed from 96-05 Jeep wrangler
  • Flex-a-light fan
  • Electronic cooling fan is mounted to front of radiator and is wired in to the engine processor so it will turn on automatically when engine temp gets up above 189F
  • AW4 Automatic Transmission out of 98 Cherokee(not really my preference but it was how I bought it)
  • Auxiliary transmission cooler oil to air
  • 231 New Process Transfer Case out of 98 Cherokee.
  • Transfer case has Slip Yolk Elimination kit installed (SYE) it is a super short shaft kit for a 98 Cherokee
  • Custom built transmission mount for proper alignment of drive train.
  • Inline aftermarket Fuel Pump and Filter (Ford filter the number should be on the filter). (65-85psi spec.) for fuel injection system.
  • “Hessco” fuel pressure regulator mounted on driver side intake manifold.
  • Dana 35 rear axle that has been Lincoln locked
  • Custom-built rear driveline (Non Greasable)
  • Dana 30 front axle has had vacuum disconnect removed and shift fork is fully engaged
  • Warrior Products diff. armor on front differential
  • Rubicon Express Spring over axle (SOA) lift perches
  • Pro comp Long travel shocks to adjust for lift
  • Factory track bars have been removed for better off road flexibility.
  • Five 33x10.5R15 BF Goodrich mud terrain KM2 tires on 2004 Jeep Wrangler factory wheels.
  • Interior is coated with spray in bed liner, aftermarket vinyl floor kit on top of that
  • Hardtop has ¼’’ foam backed felt for insulation.
  • 4’’ round LED tail lights
  • Cobra C/B radio that has been modified internally for further distance.

It's nice to meet you all, and I hope to head out on a ride soon.
Welcome to the site. Take the time to look around and check things out. We are a family friendly group of folks here. We will have a meeting in January sometime. Most of our wheeling will be scarce for the next couple months due to the temps and this is when people like to build stuff. But come break up time we will be hitting the trails more. Hope you can make it out to a meeting sometime soon.

That rig looks familiar. I seen you've been up Fairbanks Creek.
Welcome to the site. Take a look around the site and come out to a meeting.
It needs some dents and scratches on it...bring it out!
Hey Dustin, welcome to the site. I actually work with your dad. Can't wait to see you get that Jeep set up. Your dad told me the plans for it.
Hey fellas, my name is David and im new to the board. I lived in Alaska five years ago and i live in San Antonio right now. Im trying to move back now and wanted to see if there was a crawling scene before i bothered buying a trailer to drag my pig up.

On to the rig:
It started life as a 1977 k20 longbed, ive done the following:

Bobbed the longbed 16"
Home fabbed shackle flip and shackles
Came w/ 2.5" lift 47" springs in the front and 2" blocks in the back
Diy4x ez inch in the front to scoot my front axle 1.5" forward
Cut the hell out of the fenders
Dovetailed nose
40x15.50r17 SS grooved TSLs
Runs on Propane
Twin sticked 205
Welded 14bff w/4.10s, still d44 open w/4.10s front, d60 w/ crossover and hydro assist is next

Im sure theres stuff im missing but its a work in progress

[Image: 2012-12-04_15-11-35_761.jpg]
That would work well up here...though you need to add some high performance things....doors and lights or you will freeze and not see where you are going in our long winter nights.

Keep in mind we are in Fairbanks...and there are a lot of terrain differences through the state. 40s on a full size would be fun anywhere.
Im actually in fairbanks right now for christmas, never thought id miss 40 below! All the bolt holes for doors are in tact, and ive done some tube work since that picture and it has tabs for lights, just havent gotten lights yet. It does have a good working heater and a good blower fan!
I think it would be worth keeping, definitely would need some doors but those are easy to get.
hey! dschack, gimme a call if you want to ride along tomorrow 907 59o3o77
On christmas day? Id love to go wheelin but i think the mrs. would string me up for going anywhere christmas day
Hey what's up I'm matt I live in Fairbanks I'm in the army in the process of making my Tacoma anything but stock. I put a picture of my taco up that's pretty much what it still looks like... I've added a cb and some hids. [Image: tasy4yhe.jpg]
A Taco is a great start, keep checking in on meeting and stuff. Hope to see you on the trails!
Welcome to the site. Always nice to see a new rig coming around. We have a meeting this saturday on Wainwright. Hope you can make it out.
I'll be tgere
Another new guy. How is every one? Moed up here to Fairbanks in July from Colorado. Sold my last rig when i left to get somthing more reliable. So current DD is an 07 250 6.0. Have recently got a new project rig for some OHV use and in the proccess of building it. should be able to pick up the last of the major parts for it tomorrow. But any ways it is a 84 bronco 2 with the 2.8 manual trans and t-case. getting a 93 explorer tomorrow for parts. Mainly the 31 spline rear and dana 35 front. not shure if the 4.0 is any good or not but that might be next if it is.
Welcome to the site, have a look around. We have a meeting coming up this saturday if you would like to come out at meet everyone. My son's 95 ranger has a 4.0, it seams to have a lot if power for its size.
Honestly dont think I will make it have been burning the rope from both ends latley. worked three 24 hour shifts since wendsday and have spent the off time inbetween picing up the parts for the build. get off of the third one in about 45 minutes and im going to pick up the donor explorer for the axles.
Welcome to the site, not to many built BII's around would like to see one done right.
welcome whys84b2 if you run across anything you might need for the b2 i've got parts. and tons of axcess to info. you'll need at minimum 2" lift to use the d35 up front to keep your axle,pumkin from hiting the oil pan. if you go 2" body and 2" suspension with fender triming front and rear 33"ers will fit nicely.check out these sites The Ranger Station - Your Ultimate Ranger Resource ,Ford Bronco II bronco II & forum ,Ford Explorer Sport Trac Mountaineer - Enthusiast Community ,Stage 8 Off Road Fasteners | Locking Fastener must have locking nut kit for front axle ++++ larger tires cause old style jamb nuts to back off. i've got more info if needed. hopefully i'll be getting one of my b2's going this summer.
Thanks for the offer and the advise think I am going to have to hold off on the 35 swap for now the guy fell threw yesterday on the explorer but i have already found another one. I had already planned to do some fender trimming since there is a decent amount of rust already there just havnt decided how much yet hopfully break out the plasma cutter this weekend. have three more parts I am trying to track down thought before i can drop the motor back in. carb and distributar for duraspak swap and then i need the fly wheel bolts.
Hello everyone,
im a new resident of the state of Alaska moved up from the lower 48. With me I bring my 2010 jeep. I haven't had the money to do all too many extreme mods, but I do have a 3.5 in lift, 35 inch tires, and a winch on the front. I'm hoping to be able to afford lockers soon enough.
Welcome to our site. Feel free to look around. We are located in Fairbanks area though. Check out it's mostly folks down that way. Feel free to drop in here though. And if you are in Fairbanks at all let us know.

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