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Newbie Check-In Thread!!
..K last one..
Posing over..

[Image: Side_view_of_TJ.jpg]
All the newbies Wrote:...Got to be member to post pic?

I swear, if this wasn't already a sticky, I'd have to make it so. :troutslap:
Paying club members may upload pics in the gallery. Anyone may insert a pic hosted elsewhere on the web.
Got Milk :K:
Sorry. That wasn't directed at you, soley. It just seems I answer that question everyday.
AK20 Wrote:As you can see I'm out at Eielson, been up here for four years...getting out in 07 and staying in state Smile
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Here to stay. I'll tell you it's folks like us that need to keep the club going. Are you going to stay in/around Fairbanks or somewhere else?

00TJ Wrote:Sup dude...Never knew you guys had web board.....Sweet!!!
Here is couple pic..
00TJ where you at? I'd guess south due to the Northern 4X4 decal?

Any why it great to here from both of you. Hope to see you both on the forum and on the trails. 8-)
Anchorage...Might make it to fairbanks.
What axles are you running, looks like 8 lugs?
3/4 ton Hp D44 front with chevy ends...rear 3/4 ton GM14 bolt with disc brake conversion
Where did you pickup your disc brake conversion from and are the axles full width or cut down?
I'm Henry Cole... I'm a newbie at this, which you all would have noticed anyway even if I hadn't told you. Wink

My 1989 Isuzu LS is near stock, but still pretty capable as an off-roader. She has a 2.6L I-4, 31" Kumho tires, a K+N air filter, a Jacob's ignition, 4-wheel disc brakes, a wooden rack over the bed, and a compass on the dash, yet she was still able to pull a friend's Bronco out of a mudhole.

Unfortunatly, her uniqueness is a problem in itself. It is damn hard to find aftermarket parts for Isuzus, especially the pickups. There are a few companies, but they charge a lot of money. I can't just walk into a shop and pick something out, I have to order it by freight (like my new bumper, currently on it's way from SoCal, for $200 in shipping!). I ought to stop complaining, though. I'm sure there are many people worse off than myself, I just haven't seen them.

My plans... (mostly in order)
CalMini exhaust header
self-built cold-air intake (a poor man's intercooler)
2 PIAA 80 Fog lights on aformentioned bumper
2 PIAA 80 Driving lights on aformentioned rack
2 KC 100W lights also on rack
2.5-3.5" lift
33" tires
ARB air-locker or Powertrax No-Slip in rear axle
Headlight flashers
Turbo from an Isuzu Impulse (very similiar engine)
High-output alternator
TeraFlex Low-er range transfer case gears (3-1 instead of 2-1)
An air conditioner (I'll be going to grad school at U of Arizona in a couple years)
And lots of other stuff, but money and time are the big shortfalls here, and without much of either right now, things don't look so good.

Sorry for rambling... and I'll try to upload a pic soon... just have to find my camera.

Nice to have you on the board. Are you here in Fairbanks and if so how long have you been here and is it short or long term. Sounds like you have a good plan on the continuation of your trucks build up. Hope to see you out on the trails.
Thanks for the welcome. I am in Fairbanks, and for the long term, most definitly. I am planning on going to grad school in Tuscon the year after next, but after that, I will be returning, and I will probably come back here for the summers while I'm in Arizona. Summer heat there is unbearable for me. No mosquitos, though...

The way it seems now is that my goals for my truck are something of a 75-year plan. I just don't have any time during the summer, or any money during the winter. I'll figure it out, though.

EDIT: Found my camera... Now to figure out how to post an image...

[Image: IMGP1737.JPG]

Doesn't seem to be working... have I got the tag wrong or what?

Welcome, Henry. I believe yours is the first Isuzu on the forum!

I'm curios as to how well it will perform on the trails. I hope you make it out with us soon.

Your upgrade list seems doable. We all have a poor want vs $$ ratio in this area. And most of us are short on time as well. Best advice: Wheel it, decide what you need to upgrade soonest, save up for it, buy/install it, rinse & repeat.
I dont know if this is true with your year truck, but the Isuzu pickups tend to be the same thing as an S-10 just with different grille and taillights. So you might want to find a local S-10 and compare suspensions, if they match, you can use S-10 lift kits/parts.
Take another look at the pic, Erik. 1989s were slighhtly different than S-10/sonomas. But, yes, the newer body style are compatable. Good thinking.
Well, she is quite different from the S-10 and Sonoma trucks. Because of the close relationship with GM, there are some parts that cross over, but for the most part, everything is specific. In 1995, Isuzu started releasing a re-badged version of the S-10 as the 'Hombre' which never sold well, and was scrapped a few years ago. That must be what you are thinking of.

That is a good idea about the suspensions, though. Since both trucks had a common ancestor, they may be similiar enough that something for the S-10 might work.

I'm looking forward to "showing her off" with you guys. Wink

Well we're looking forward to seeing it.
well i knew there was some Isuzu truck that was the same thing as S-10, but wasnt quite sure. Hope my idea helps anyway though.

And welcome to the forums. Smile
cj-8 Wrote:Where did you pickup your disc brake conversion from and are the axles full width or cut down?

sorry took me so long to reply..did not know i could not reply while i was on Ak Extreme site Smile

Those disc brake conversion come from backing plates from a D44 front chevy..then mounted chevy calipers 8) ..Or you could buy some other KITS out there..What ya think Confusedhock:

Ohh the axles are FULL WIDTH...
What's up everyone, I finally got my new Rubicon, I've been watching the site pretty often, and sorry I wasn't able to do any summer trailing (then again, it's still not too late!) maybe I can get out for next trip Smile I'm looking forward to getting some real off-road time!
Nice. Great to have you aboard. We have a few runs going up hope you can make one.
Well I guess I should play by the rules too and post up in the newb check in post, eventhough I have been posting for a few days now. My name is Kyle Schumann, and I'm getting ready to move to Fairbanks in about a week now for college, from Sacramento California. The rig that I have in California is an 87 YJ. I have some pictures up on cardomain and before anybody starts to give me a hard time about how nice it looks I have had it for about 3 years, and in those 3 years I have been fighting with it to make it a reliable rig/DD and really didn't trust it too much to take it wheelin. Besides wheelin I'm also an avid fly fisherman.
Many of you know me as AKBearMoose from down Wasilla way...have been coming to this board as a guest for about 2 years. Finally had to register to post in Sammi's thread. 76 CJ-7 slightly modified and mildly unique...does awesome in snow, even better in mud, soon to start working on some flexibility. The 79 Bronco Chassis and drive train were built for stamina...not flex...LOL. Married w 3 daughters (I now know I can out shoot most teenage boys)...Take care all, and thanks to the administrators for providing this service for the 4wd community.

Hello all, my name is Jeff Town and I'm down here on Kodiak. Currently I just picked up a 1978 CJ5 that I'm planning on making into my trail rig. Right now just waiting on some Firestone 33x12.50x15 tractor tires to put on it. Hope to have it ready for when some of you come down over Labor Day weekend. Also have a 86' 1 ton dodge that was my "moosebuggy" in Tok. It has a 360, 727 tranny, 205 t-case, dana 60 front and 70 in the rear with 21.5x16.1 suregrip goodyears (42 tall 22 wide). Still not sure what I'm going to do with that but ya never now. No good pics yet of the CJ but they are coming shortly.
Jeff, is your buggy that zebra-striped one? If so, that was a sweet truck. Is your buggy still in Tok? Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks.
Yep, that is my buggy. I have it on the island now cause nobody seemed too interested in it. Winterraven (Fred) has got me thinking to do the full width axle swap with the CJ I just picked up and put those suregrips on it! The only problem would be that it would float if the stream crossing was too deep. Now I'm just getting the CJ ready for when you guys get down here.

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