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Newbie Check-In Thread!!
yep. Went to good 'ol NAPA and picked up the "expensive bling-bling" flex pipe. I am either tooooo cheap or a redneck. I've been looking at the posts about Fairbanks Radiator for a real exhaust, but nobody makes headers for a '72 or '74 torino to fit a '79 truck. The ones I have are made by a friend in ohio. I'll figure something out.
Hello my name is Tom Martin. My mud truck is a 1981 Toy called Mudzilla. It has evolved into a race rig. I do, however, enjoy trail riding, but I am currently hooked on the rush of kicking butt in the mud. My tow rig is a 1971 GMC, you may have seen it around, it has custom plates that read DADS71 and is painted 1995 Dodge Emerald Green. Yes, I do have a thing about naming my rigs. If anyone has or needs info about area mud races please feel free to contact me.
Howdy MudZ - and welcome!

My name is Phil. I have been in the area for about a month now. Just pcs'd up here form little rock. I drive an 88 toy pickup with a four inch lift and 33's, locked in the rear with a winch up front. Future plans inlcude full floater rear end with disc brakes in the next couple of months. Next summer is the SAS and Dual t-cases. Looking foward to comein out to play with you guys.
Sounds like you can hold your own. Look forword to meeting you.
Kory, you're really gonna miss out when you leave. There's been an influx of toys on the board recently.

Glad you guys are enjoying the forums here. Watch the upcoming rides forum, and come introduce yourself on the trails!
Hi, i'm Erik Johnson (hehe saw the other Eric Johnson on first page). I'm 15, going on 16 (learn to drive this year) and i've liked 4x4 trucks since i was a kid. I also recently just got a 1984 Chevy k20 3/4ton pick up, bone stock. I dont live in Alaska, or any arctic area, the reason i found these forums is cause i was looking for a place that sells hummer military bead locks, but came across those beadlocks AlaskaToy had. Anyways, I'm hoping to start fixing my truck soon, and then lift it 4" and put 35's on it.

Well thats pretty much it. Its nice to see you guys made a thread like this for the newbies to introduce themselves.

Oh, heres my ride:
[Image: 35_1.JPG]
Not much to look at.
Well hello. So where are you if not here in Alaska?
ahh yes forgot that. I'm in Roselle Illinois. About 20-30min from Chicago, and about 2 hours from wisconsin (which there is plenty of wheeling in wisconsin)
Cool, I used to live in Columbus Ohio for a few years. Well keep in touch and come up and visit Alaska sometime.
if i can afford the trip ever i will Smile
I saw your call sign and got excited - another CHevy!!! but then you have to be in Illinois!! Looks like a nice truck to start with. WHen I bought mine it was stock - but the paint never looked that good! :ROL:
Welcome to the forum!
thanks, i dont like anyother trucks but chevy's Smile
It's not that I don't like other trucks, but I know Chevy's, and do prefer them. It is easier to modify and fix what you have always worked with rather than learning a new vehicle and it's quirks!

...besides, they rule! 8)

(and yes, Gary, they're for the cheap man! :lol: )
thats right, got my truck for 1650 Smile

and they're so much cheaper to build too. (minus the newer trucks, damned IFS)
K20 Wrote:thanks, i dont like anyother trucks but chevy's Smile

Hehe, I say the same about Toyotas, but truth be told, there's not a rig out there that doesn't need some help from an upgraded part from a rig with a superior trait. The best thing about AO is we are not a brand specific club. It brings knowledge and diversity to fend off evil, ignorant paradigms.

Welcome to the board. How far away is Wright Patterson AFB from you?
well ok i wouldnt exactly say i only like chevys. i am a sucker for tacomas, and red XJ (Skyjacker's XJ *Drool*) but the 73-87 fullsize chevy's are my absolute favorite trucks.
What's up, my Arctic Brothers?!?! Thought I'd get on and say Hello. Looking forward to having some of you come down to the Rock in September. Everyone is welcome!


P.S.- Oh, it looks like I'm the 100th registered member! Do I win the $1 Million prize?
Good to hear from you. Don't be a stranger and post up. Looking forward to visiting and know your always welcome in our neck of the woods also. 8-)
Sup Ladys... 8-)
Hi Jerry. Glad to see you finally found us up here. Post a few pics of your ride.
Another newbie here 8-) , been lurking for a few days and finally decided to register. Check the sig for my rig, tires and lift have yet to go on....been doing a few other things with the truck, but should be ready in a week or two :cheers: As you can see I'm out at Eielson, been up here for four years...getting out in 07 and staying in state Smile Anyway like I said been here for awile and have seen the AO trucks running around for a few years and finally decided to see what it was all about....
sevenslats Wrote:Hi Jerry. Glad to see you finally found us up here. Post a few pics of your ride.

Sup dude...Never knew you guys had web board.....Sweet!!!
Here is couple pic..

Ohhh wait..Got to be member to post pic?[/img]
[Image: jerry2.jpg]
Well Ok maybe I dont....

[Image: jerry1.jpg]

[Image: Hicks_lake_poser_pic.jpg]

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