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Newbie Check-In Thread!!
Quote:I'd go SAS w/ leaves if I found a decent d44.

44's are nice, but full size Chevys can eat them pretty quickly. If you are waiting to spend money to swap in a 44 wait a bit longer and make it a 60. Guarentee you won't regret it. I "upgraded" to a sim strength axle and now am upgrading again! would have saved a lot in the long run if I had found a 60 first.

Just my opinion based on experience. Glad you checked in to say hello. 8-)
anti-friend Wrote:the 55s are the iron pigs, he doesn't own one.... :?

Not yet!! but the Iron Pig is high on My list of cruisers in my future, probably after I get back up to Alaska. and what makes it even better is the First Knight of the Iron Pigs shop is only 15 miles from where My property is. (Mark Whatley's shop Cruisers Only)
anti-friend Wrote:Iron pigs are cool, but my wagon isn't one Smile I own a pre-soccer mom SUV :ROL:

Thats what I told the insurance company its a soccer mom station wagon because my title says STATION WAGON right on it she believed me until she saw it parked outside but I still only pay $17.00 a month
hello every one

my name is tony minter ive lived in north pole for 13 years and ive done a little 4x4 from time to time now i finaly have my own truck so ill be out there more often im running a 76 chevy with a 7"lift and 35"super sport tires and a brand new 350 out of a mud bogger i use to own with headers that run into straight pipes other than that my rig is pretty well stock im still looking for a locker and some other goodies but its a great running truck and im yet to get her stuck! Smile i hope to meet all of you and hit some trails for some fun!

if ya haven't gotten it stuck yet you haven't tried hard enough ! and welcome they are a great bunch to wheel with . hope see you all on the trail and swap stories .
deebow Wrote:im yet to get her stuck! Smile

Heh, heh, heh. :F:

Famous last words.

Welcome! Come to the next meeting!
Doh, I forgot to post here first.

89 cherokee. Nothing fancy except the K&N that came with it.
Just moved to Fairbanks < a month ago. I've got a few years leaft in college before I get paid to mess with computers as I do with my free time now.
Where did you move from?
Tony, is the 76 a 1/2 , 3/4, or 1 ton? ie: what axles do you have? also what tranny and t-case? Just wondering. The heavier axles the less chance for carnage!
hey chevykev

its a 76 3/4 ton chevy with a dana30 in my front axel,rear axel is just a stock axel i imagine i haven't been able to realy go through my truck only thing ive done is a engine swap and a tranny rebuild other than that im still a lil shaggy on my truck but i hope to change that soon!

My name is Dan and my family and I are due to pcs up their in 11 months. I am currently stationed in Heidelberg Germany. No wheeling here period!
I have a 96 XJ with the typical minor mods. I dont think it will come with me to AK. I will report with a stock Rubi(and a winch).
I am not into rock crawling and breaking stuff but I do love a good trail ride and the outdoors with no stinkin ass europeans! Sorry, I dont want to offend anyone I am just fed up with germany.
My question's if you all dont mind anwering them are:
1. Is a hard top mandatory?(probably a stupid question)
2. Do you think a stock Rubi will be capable enough in your area for my son and I to enjoy some wheeling without massive carnage?(I hate to sound like a #%^*&!)

I love your site and you seem like a respectable club. I look forward to wheeling with ya![Image: 2369.jpg]Hey administrators will you make this pic my avatar?
Welcome Tony, Matt, and Dan.

Dan, no, hard top isn't a necessity. Several of our members only run soft in the winter. Obviously it will be more insulating, and there's not the same chance of shattering a window, but run what ya got!
31's can do some of our trails. See "Trail Reviews" for trail ratings amd pics. Lockers will be a help.
Thanks for the reply!
Of course I will be upgrading in the future.
This is a very helpful site. Untill I found this site there was nothing but ATV's and snow machines.
Gotta pimp the Anchorage guys too.
Alaksa Extreme Four Wheelers
You would be surprised I have seen the cold brake as muck stuff as playing on rocks. We have seen a lot of carnage this past winter. Look forward to wheeling with you.
Quote:We have seen a lot of carnage this past winter.

Hey :wupped: quit talking about me! :ROL:
Hey I just lost my transmission :cry2: on one of the easiest trails I know of. :angryhell:
I moved up from Albuquerque, New mexico. We had some pretty good wheelin out there but all the good stuff was desert area. The mountain trails kinda sucked. My jeep isn't exactly what I would consider trail worthy right now but I hope to change that little by little. I look forward to hitting the trails with you guys sometime soon.
Yah, watch the site and just let us know when you what to go and will give you a heads up on what the trails like. :rockin:
Well i just signed up so...

My name is Nico, I've been a mudaholic for a little over a year.

My poison is a 1968 chevy stepside, with 4 inch lift (front spring rear blocks), I have 33" BFG M/T with 25-35% tread. I have a dana 44 front axles, and a 14 bolt rear. 4 speed manual tranny out of 76 3/4 ton, and a rockwell t-221 t-case with. I have a 27 gallon gas tank in my bed. I'm looking to run 36" tires soon but can't find a good used pair to use for the saeson.

I am looking to find people to wheel with the reats of the month and later in the fall. I will be out of town from about may 26 till august first, with a few 3 day periods while in town.

Heres a pic

[Image: 2.jpg]
how is everyone doing. i am going to be moving from Anchorage to Fairbanks. going to be working in North Pole actually, so if anyone knows of a good place to rent i am all ears. i am going to be up there on the 12 of may. i am gonna try and bring my Bronco, but if it is not ready i might have to put it on a hauler. hope to see everyone when i get back up there. i just got home today from working up there. and yes i am the same one that no one likes on the northern board.
nico, I was going to ask you about it at school, haven't been able to make my way to hamlins in a while though. saw you posting on akoffroad and northern earlier.
Nico, I was wondering howq long it'd take you to post.
As far as looking for tires/rental house, watch the classifieds in the newspaper, or newspaper online. Keep an eye on the upcoming rides forum, and come out and wheel with us!
Glad to see some new faces. Lokk forword to meeting you all in person on a trail. 8-)
John Deere FORD here. I am Rob Madgar, work with AJ at Det 460. 1979 Ford F-100 Ranger. 6 inch susp lift, 3 inch body lift, 38.5 inch boggers, spooled front and back, 44 up front, 9 inch out back, 4.88 gears, 351 clevland with 4V heads bored .30 over, C-6 tranny with NP205. I will put either 1 ton or rockwells under it probably next year. I am trying to figure out how to hook up the duece and a half winch sitting in my garage sometime. I had a great time on the run I tagged along before. I'll try to break, I mean do some stuff next time. Thanks for letting me ride out there with you guys. Maybe I can get my wife to let me fix up her '03 f-150 supercrew 4x4 next year, it's still stock (BOOOOOOOOOOO).
Very impressive rig you have, Rob. It performed better than I expected on that Banner Creek run. Did you ever get your exhaust fixed? That thing was loud at idle!

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