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Hi Lift mounting bracket, exterior of tub
Hey I was looking over my jeep today looking for places to mount my 60" hilift jack...and I was thinking Hey, would it fit on the side of my tub, above one of the rear wheel wells? Or would it stretch too far and interfere with the doors? Is there a spot I can mount it vertically? I don't have a bumper/tire carrier or roof rack to mount it to, and I don't think a 60" will do well on the hood(is Pat's a 60"?).
Do it and then you tell us!
nothing a little tape measure won't answer... JAT
Just remember, the box is o.k. to think in, but it is much better out...
Well I don't want it overhanging anything, and I don't have any decent bumpers to mount it to as of yet....and I don't want it inside the Jeep in case its mounts don't hold and it becomes a 50 pound flailing weapon of death in a wreck.
If you're mounting to the sheet metal you'll have to reinforce it so the bolts won't rip through. Nothing intense, some large fender washers or some small plates would work. Doesn't Snowman have his mounted across the hood where those 2 little round pads are?
yeah but I'm not sure if I want it there...I think I'll mount it vertically in front of the passenger's door, a la his and crazy4ink's shovels. Oh and I'll put my shovel on the driver's side.

Yeah I was going to reinforce it, probably with a plate of 1/8" steel behind the sheetmetal bolted to whatever bracket I come across.
time for someone to make some bumpers
I'm working on that.

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