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trail re-alighnment? Brian what do you know about this?

This trail realignment brought out a lot of questions. Since this is neither a right-of-way nor an RS2477.

Land owners......interestingly to me.....were unhappy with the move.

A couple good questions came up:
1) Who "owns" the easement.
2) Who can modify the trail...with any improvement?
3) Can motorized equipment be used on non-motorized trails.

Though I have answers to these, we don't have LEGAL answers.

Neighbors did not like the use of a trail dozer to make cuts as they deemed it ugly. Of course a trail dozer installs a great trail. The Compeau and Stiles Creek trails, and the Ester Dome simple track are all dozer cut.

The Trails Advisory Commission will, with hope, get the Bourough Attorney at our January meeting to clarify the laws. It seems the current law allows improvement to the trail by anyone, so long as it is in keeping with the original intent of the trail. That is pretty loose.

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trail re-alighnment? Brian what do you know about this? - by Dr Brian - 12 Dec 15, 09:17 am

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