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Web Wheeling - akcowboy76 - 29 Oct 17

OK I am trying to get some feelers out there,

Who has heard of the game Spintires, or Spintires: Mud Runner?
if you have and have an account on their STEAM page I have created an AO group on there so we can setup a multiplayer game.  So if anyone wants to get together and tear up the virtual trail, check it out and post up here.

here is the URL;

Mud Runner trailer

Web Wheeling - akram - 30 Oct 17

I've been checking out. Thought about getting it for Xbox. I'm not much playing on a computer.

Web Wheeling - akcowboy76 - 30 Dec 17

So the wife got me a PS4 for Xmas. I have the game loaded up. Anyone up for a multiplayer game?

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RE: Web Wheeling - 78calico - 01 Jan 18

I got the kid a PS4 for Christmas. I was wanting to get this game. I set myself up an account. When I get the game and get it loaded up Ill let you know.

Web Wheeling - akram - 01 Jan 18

I've always been an XBOX person. But lilli has been wanting a PS4, she has a PS3. Maybe I'll be trading all my Xbox stuff in and get a PS4.